Well, like the title, there are so many changes happening now. And not just because HKO is over (for now), but also in my appearance. Such as:

  • And I got a haircut…Okay, not really excited about that. Yeah, I admit it, I didn’t know what the hairdresser was talking about when she asked me questions about what I wanted for my hair. Yes, yes, I am most definitely not a girly girl. xP.

And also changes in habits. Such as:

  • I don’t go on the computer as often now :O. I know, I know, shocking, isn’t it? HKO did wonders to my original day, too.
  • I’m sorta doing better in school, I think. It’s hard to tell. Not much change in my grades, as far as I know.

Anyways, I think I’m done listing stuff that changed that you don’t really care about. How about things that I hope will change?

  • Do better in school (if that’s possible)
  • Practice instruments more (…possible)
  • Stop going on the computer so much (not possible)

In other news…

Congratulations to Serenity for Blog of the Week!

Azog’s listing possible suggestions for the upcoming HKO beta (I hope they at least use a few)

HKO is 4th Most Anticipated MMO, Wins Recognition From HKICT
Congrats! They deserve it!

DeevFactor has a long to-do list for the HKO break.

…And they still have not posted the final results of the Helping Hearts guild event. Sadness.

Random too awesome farms I’ve recently seen:

oneamazingfarm.JPG Cipre’s farm

20090222175005.jpg CalypsoCafe’s farm. It used to be full, but I came late.

That’s it, but, by the way

THE SCARECROWS ARE TOO SCARY. They turned me into one of them.


Well, the last minutes for me anyways. I had to log off early (Darn, school should start at twelve o’clock…then again I couldn’t see some friends a lot…Ack! I’m getting distracted!). Anyways, straight after DeevFactor’s wedding, we had guild screenies…because we felt like it. Airian’s in these, too, but he had no guildies online, so it’s alright. We’re here, shaped like a T:


Huh? Wait! There’s a  party crasher in the scene! -gasp-

We played some “Ring Around the Rosie” (No, not really). And then we ALL FELL DOWN! YEAH!!


ann and rose (the two glittery ones at the top) aren’t in this screenie because they were disconnected. If I didn’t have to log out so early, we may have gotten another screenie with them, but I guess not -shrug-. Well, yeah. Those are my last minutes. Thankfully, they were with friends =)

Oh, I can’t find myself on here, anyone know why? *sarcastic*

I’m going into a random out-of-character rant. Remember, it’s off character. Not really me xP. Just some random thing I thought of. No real need to read.

I’m just wondering why everyone is misspelling my name wrong. I mean, come on! It’s right in front of you! When people try to talk to me, they say “Hey tigerLILY” or something like that. Tigerlily? Sorry, I don’t know who that is. My name is obviously spelled L-Y-L-Y. If I ask them why they misspell it, “Well, it’s supposed to be tigerlily. You just spelled it wrong.” Oh, that? That really ticks me off.I suppose you don’t know why? Well, that actually happens to be my name. Yeah, I know it’s my username, I meant name. Like my real name. ‘Kay? I’m it’s just like the first day of school, teachers are like “Is it Leelee? LieLee? Lielie?” That can get really annoying, let me tell you. And my teachers usually, if not always, spell my name wrong. I could even go into last name details, but I don’t really think that’s too safe. But, I’ll tell you, my last name is not hard to mispronounce.


 But, I forgive GM-Miyaw, she was busy at the time.

But, people who are not busy, look before you type! Seriously!

Okay, I’m done being out of character xP. Reading over this makes me think that I could be a good actress. Hehe, I could be a good actress, but nah, it’s not for me.

Well, Miyaw had a Hide-N-Seek contest, too. But, it was different. Just a tag bit, so I don’t want to go into detail. Anyways, the prize was a free tour of her farm. I was one of the 4 who first won the tour (I dunno why I tried, heh). So, that makes me one of the first to see her farm/house =D.

20090222005521.jpg We were all saying NO! because Miyaw made a joke about beig the witch in Hanzel and Gretal xP. She was planting cauliflowers to make her dead her prettier. I also got to see her straw, tropical shack house. Apparently, the GMs don’t have furniture yet either -_-. I wanted to see some, I guess not, then, huh?


 The next day Miyaw was online (she took the day after the “free tour” off, she let anyone who didn’t see her farm come and take a look. Of course, others were allowed, too.

 Yeah, the dead trees and plants that were dead when I last came were now thriving!yeahtheyrealive.JPG

I have no idea how Miyaw creates her farm murals alone…I want a pretty farm, too (with the plants, not the non-walkable areas). Well, yeah. I think that’s it xP. See ya next time!

Abby had this little game that was part Guess the Character and part Hide-N-Seek. I spent a large amount of time participating in it until it ended. While my guild members were trying to guess who a certain character was, I surprised them by being ahead:


GM-Abby (intercom):  Next: I’m beside a brown bear in red overalls.

Yueya (guild chat): Deev, you really like Tippy, don’t you? :P

GM-Abby (intercom): And really red cheeks

tigerlyly (normal chat):  Abby you’re beside Coro

Yueya (guild chat): Coro?

Deev (guild chat): I’m trying to guess.

GM-Abby (intercom): tigerlyly got it right! Beside Coro

Yueya (guild chat): LOL

Yueya (guild chat): WOOT.

Ripplecloud recently formed a get-together for any SanrioTown bloggers who play HKO. I came, of course. But, it was during the event, so I hadn’t looked at anyone’s blog at all, at the time. Luckily, azog informed me of it =). While we didn’t spend much time taking screenies (most of what we did was talk…and scare certain questers out of their wits) it was still fun. I also found something I’ve never noticed before…


The Kitty family portrait on the right wing of the building, which name I do not know.

Apparently, a “spy” had come along, too. Yes, Cipre came along and we converted her into a blogger. Hooray!

We attempted to make to straight line, but…


Cipre was too busy blogging to notice that we had formed any formations at all! So, we decided to bring the party to her:


I think it worked better this way, lol. Next, we attempted to form a heart near Cupid (of course =P). We got somewhat close in the end:


Thankies to ripplecloud for hosting this super fun event!

Bloggers Who Attended (no order): DeevFactor, CalypsoCafe, Bi, Komori, azog, Airian, Starrfire7, Kiui, the_otakutopian, Yueya, Serenity, noliai, Cipre, serenitycat, GM-Miyaw, ripplecloud (duh), and me =)

Sooo, I was farming for bad wood with azog one day and well…there seemed to be some complications…


We had one lone tree that just refused to die; it was very, very stubborn.

We probably harvested it about 10 times when we finally gave in and told GM-Miyaw, who in turn told me to just chop it away. I’d hate to chop down this amazing, money-making gift from GM-NEVERENDer (that’s a lame joke I used a lot, heh. If you didn’t get it, it’s because the tree NEVER ENDED). But, I just didn’t want to farm anymore, so I chopped it down and it met its demise.


Hehehe, beware the Everlasting Potions, you guys! Don’t pollute your trees!

One of my guildies, DeevFactor, decided to do something crazy one day, and he told us that he would marry and NPC. After a few days of ignoring our constant questioning, he finally spilled the beans. He said he was going to marry Melody =O. I guessed that, but he said he wasn’t going to marry Melody, what a liar xP.

 The wedding was held on the last day of Happy Hearts, the 22nd of February, and at 5 PM EST, I believe. Yueya began advertising it to the good people of London, making sure we’d have more than just guildies.

And we had a little more than just guildies, but it was still a small amount of people (I sort of like small weddings =)) I took loads of screenies. Of course, I’ll show them to you, but let me finish my story.

Anyways, we got all of the party goers to line up with the nearly weds. Luckily, four GMs came! I tried to get more people to come, as well.


But, suddenly, Deev disappeared! We all went crazy and thought he was a run-away groom.



So, GM-Zel stepped in to take his place as the groom, I don’t think Deev would’ve liked that, though. Also, Hello Kitty appeared to congratulate the happy couple of Melody and…GM-Zel.


And then Deev appeared again, on top of Zel (he probably didn’t like the fact that Zel stole his…rabbit xP).


 Kitty got confused and went up to congratulate the couple of Deev and…Angelbaby?!? That was so uncalled for.


Then one more guest, Airian, appeared.


After Kitty supposedly “left”, I decided to walk around a bit, and I was surprised when I found…


Kitty was still here! See, Yueya? I wasn’t lying, heh. It was probably a bug, though.

Well, that’s it for now! See you later!

The Mystery Charity Event is revealed!

Check out the blog to see what we’re going to do this time!

 HKO Event Prizes announced!

Have you been dying to know what the prizes for the Happy Hearts Top 5 were? Well, look no further! Click the link to find out! (So CUTE!)

Feel like fishing? Check out Tuxedo Sam’s new fishing mini-game!

Happy Hearts Winners announced!

See, I knew Kenman and Kaito would win! Congratulations all of those who won (Kenman, Kaito, Serenity, Miyabi, Yueya), especially Yueya xD. Glad to have a guildie win! <333

 Happy Hearts is now over. Waaahh!

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