Aww…It’s all over. The New York Events, the disconnection errors, the fun, and most of all, the friends. Hello Kitty Online Founder’s Beta is no more. Come December, there will be a a different game lying ahead. Will you be in Open Beta? A little rembrance of Tiger Melody:

A Group of Tiger Melody

A Group Picture of Tiger Melody. Taken by tigerlyly; during Kevent. Those who were absent during the Kevent are not in this picture.

Well, now it’s been such a long time since HKO Founder’s Beta started. It seemed only like days ago. But, time flies. And Founder’s Beta is going to end soon. We’ve most likely lost the Food For Friends event, but that was for charity. So, it didn’t matter who won. We lost the Guild Build, too, though. But, I did finish my house! See?

The Great Statue of Kitty!

Isn’t it Kittylicious? Haha! So, I had a party today, too. This being the end of Founder’s Beta. It went pretty well. The party, I mean. I’m going to miss Founder’s Beta. The end of Founder’s Beta….So sad ;_;

Wow! I can’t believe it! I actually won something during Hello Kitty’s Birthday! See, here:

GM-Bacon awards me a prize!

I won  a prize because I answered the question : “Who is Hello Kitty’s twin sister?” first and correctly. (Mimmy!) And I got transported to the top of Madame Tussaudes to receive my prize. But….

The prize wasn’t good!

But, the prize he gave me wasn’t for me (I’m a girl, by the way) . Sadly, it was a boys only jacket. So….

GM-Bacon swapped prizes.

GM-Neverender PMed me and asked if I got the wrong item. I said yes. Then I mysteriously got tranported back to the top of Madame Tussaudes. There, GM-Bacon was kind enough to swap prizes. So, we traded a boys only jacket for cool-looking light blue hair (which, by the way, is my favorite color). That’s a steal!

This post is in honor of the GMs! Thanks for your hard work!

And the group picture of the party goers that GM-Abby took:


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