You might be wondering what Halloween has to do with HKO. Actually, it has lots. It is today that HKO people have announced 3 upcoming events! One, HK’s Bday! Two, Food for Friends! And Three, guilds race to Build New York! I’ll tell you more about them later!

Well, now I’ve finished all of the quests once again. It will be boring again until the next quest. So, let’s take a recap of what’s happened, shall we?

Keroleen and Me

Me and Keroleen just hanging out! She gave me my Dino, which I named Rex xD

Pochi and Me

Me and Pochi just chilling out! He gave me…..a key to my house! Lol.

Yay! Finally, a new quest! So, basically all we need to do is find Keroleen’s pets named Eagor, Speedy, Lobo, and Webster. So far, I know that Keroleen is found in Paris. If I *ever* finish the quest, I’ll post the quest help on here :) .What are you looking at this picture for? Get wrangling!

Hi everyone! I made a guild of my own yesterday! If you want to join it, PM me in HKO!I’m on almost everyday!

My Guild!

I was actually was one of the first people to be a founder, but I didn’t know how to blog, so here ya go! I was SO EXCITED when I found out I became a Founder. I practically scream! The proof:

HKO Founder Email!

I’m gonna reap in the rewards and moneh! Lol!

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