I’ve lost my interest in HKO. Really. It’s just not that much fun for me anymore. Sorry, guys, I’m quitting. Here marks the end of Tiger’s adventures in HKO. I hope you had fun reading about them. I know I had fun being in them. But, things have changed. Hey, let’s not be mushy! It’s not the last time I’ll ever talk to any of you! Just keep in touch with me! (:

Yahoo: tigerlyly419
AIM: tigerlyly411
MSN: tiger_lyly419@hotmail.com
GaiaOnline (thanks Victor, for reminding me)
LiveJournal (I don’t update it at all yet, but I am planning on it!)

Just sayin’ I use Yahoo more as an inbox than IM. And AIM and MSN more as an IM than an inbox.

If you decide not to keep in touch, have a good life.

If you do, I’ll talk to you soon (:

Yeah, I’ve wondered that, too. I recently was browsing through my blog and missed HKO and my friends on there. And I haven’t posted in what seems like forever, so here’s my first blog of the New Year! Yeah…real late, eh? I’ve got many excuses, excuses.

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Do you like this cute little drawing I drew? It’s not like what’s been drawn here, but it’s still, okay, I guess. Anyways, I recently joined this school club, called Go Greeners. As you may have guessed, it’s an environmental club. Let me verify that I’m not a tree-hugger. I’m an animal-hugger. That’s the only reason why I’m in this club (cause pollution and all that stuff is bad for animals). But, since this month is a very special month (it’s the month that Earth Day takes place: April 22nd), I figure I should tell you guys some stuff about how to protect the Earth and whatnot. So to save some parts of the Earth…(the rain forest, mostly):

 In The Home

  • Recycle everything you can: newspapers, cans, glass bottles and jars, aluminum foil, motor oil, scrap metal, etc.
  • Investigate local recycling centers that take items your garbage hauler does not.
  • Try to use phosphate-free laundry and dish soaps.
  • Use cold water in the washer whenever possible.
  • Don’t use electrical appliances for things you can easily do by hand, like opening cans.
  • Re-use brown paper bags to line your trash can instead of plastic liners. Re-use bread bags, butter tubs, etc.
  • Store food in re-usable containers, instead of plastic wrap or aluminum foil.
  • Save wire coat hangers and return them to the dry cleaners.
  • Take unwanted, re-usable items to a charitable organization or thrift shop.
  • Don’t leave water running needlessly.
  • Install a water-saving shower head.
  • Set your water heater at 130 degrees.
  • Have your water heater insulated free of charge by your utility company.
  • Turn your heat down, and wear a sweater.
  • Lower your thermostat by one degree per hour for every hour you’ll be away or asleep.
  • Turn off the lights, TV, or other electrical appliances when you’re out of a room.
  • Get a free energy audit from your utility company.
  • Burn only seasoned wood in your wood stove or fireplace… and don’t light them as often.

Help save the rain forests and the world!

Go Green!


By the way, BC-Chan (Calypsocafe) needs some help. If you have some HKO screenies with basically anything, please email them Caly (pinknocorisu9789@hellokitty.com). More information here.

Spring break was actually last week, but it did break, like it’s breaking now. More snow in spring. And this time it’s not the snow that is all icy and you can’t do anything with it. And this time, the flowers are blooming. Snow with the flowers, winter mixed with spring.

Spring Broke

Here in this picture, you can see a small portion of my mother’s abnormally large garden (and our neighbors house). If you look closely, you can see that the cherry tree (or whatever kind of tree it is) is just starting to blossom.

Cold Weather + Blossoming Flowers = Wilted Flowers

They’re in! They’re finally in! *tears open envelope containing results*

And the winners are

1st Place: HKO Founders, 20 shirts (of course)

2nd Place: Coffee Shoppe, 6 shirts

3rd Place: Misfits, 5 shirts, 1 bag

 Huh? Wait, what? I don’t see Tiger Melody on the Top 3? What?!? Oh, well, look at the bright side. At least this was for charity. At least my friends won! And at least we made two shirts and one bag, so that means we’ll donate six shirts and three bags to the orphans! Wow!!! Lucky them, they’re the real winners!

Anyways, altogether the guilds made a total of 61 shirts and 28 bags (We donated 183 shirts and 84 bags in all! Hope they won’t cause fights over the limited number of bags). Mostly because Sailoria guild only donated, not competed. And they were teamed up with Twin Starrs, Vampire Kittens, and Twilight. So, bravo to them! Bravo, bravo! And congratulations to the other runner ups:

Charmmy Kitties
Super Cute
I ♥ Hello Kitty
HKO Anonymous
Pirate Guild
(Hmm, that’s basically everyone, huh?)

Congratz, congratz to everyone, then. Congratz to the hosts of the event, the donors, and mostly, to the recipients.Everyone’s a winner!

So, I say, HAPPY HELPING HEARTS! This has been a great and challenging event, though a fun one. Though, I do wish I pulled in a little more weight instead of randomly visit people’s farms xP.

Random too awesome farms I’ve recently seen:

oneamazingfarm.JPG Cipre’s farm

20090222175005.jpg CalypsoCafe’s farm. It used to be full, but I came late.

That’s it, but, by the way

THE SCARECROWS ARE TOO SCARY. They turned me into one of them.


Well, the last minutes for me anyways. I had to log off early (Darn, school should start at twelve o’clock…then again I couldn’t see some friends a lot…Ack! I’m getting distracted!). Anyways, straight after DeevFactor’s wedding, we had guild screenies…because we felt like it. Airian’s in these, too, but he had no guildies online, so it’s alright. We’re here, shaped like a T:


Huh? Wait! There’s a  party crasher in the scene! -gasp-

We played some “Ring Around the Rosie” (No, not really). And then we ALL FELL DOWN! YEAH!!


ann and rose (the two glittery ones at the top) aren’t in this screenie because they were disconnected. If I didn’t have to log out so early, we may have gotten another screenie with them, but I guess not -shrug-. Well, yeah. Those are my last minutes. Thankfully, they were with friends =)

Oh, I can’t find myself on here, anyone know why? *sarcastic*

Well, Miyaw had a Hide-N-Seek contest, too. But, it was different. Just a tag bit, so I don’t want to go into detail. Anyways, the prize was a free tour of her farm. I was one of the 4 who first won the tour (I dunno why I tried, heh). So, that makes me one of the first to see her farm/house =D.

20090222005521.jpg We were all saying NO! because Miyaw made a joke about beig the witch in Hanzel and Gretal xP. She was planting cauliflowers to make her dead her prettier. I also got to see her straw, tropical shack house. Apparently, the GMs don’t have furniture yet either -_-. I wanted to see some, I guess not, then, huh?


 The next day Miyaw was online (she took the day after the “free tour” off, she let anyone who didn’t see her farm come and take a look. Of course, others were allowed, too.

 Yeah, the dead trees and plants that were dead when I last came were now thriving!yeahtheyrealive.JPG

I have no idea how Miyaw creates her farm murals alone…I want a pretty farm, too (with the plants, not the non-walkable areas). Well, yeah. I think that’s it xP. See ya next time!

Abby had this little game that was part Guess the Character and part Hide-N-Seek. I spent a large amount of time participating in it until it ended. While my guild members were trying to guess who a certain character was, I surprised them by being ahead:


GM-Abby (intercom):  Next: I’m beside a brown bear in red overalls.

Yueya (guild chat): Deev, you really like Tippy, don’t you? :P

GM-Abby (intercom): And really red cheeks

tigerlyly (normal chat):  Abby you’re beside Coro

Yueya (guild chat): Coro?

Deev (guild chat): I’m trying to guess.

GM-Abby (intercom): tigerlyly got it right! Beside Coro

Yueya (guild chat): LOL

Yueya (guild chat): WOOT.

Ripplecloud recently formed a get-together for any SanrioTown bloggers who play HKO. I came, of course. But, it was during the event, so I hadn’t looked at anyone’s blog at all, at the time. Luckily, azog informed me of it =). While we didn’t spend much time taking screenies (most of what we did was talk…and scare certain questers out of their wits) it was still fun. I also found something I’ve never noticed before…


The Kitty family portrait on the right wing of the building, which name I do not know.

Apparently, a “spy” had come along, too. Yes, Cipre came along and we converted her into a blogger. Hooray!

We attempted to make to straight line, but…


Cipre was too busy blogging to notice that we had formed any formations at all! So, we decided to bring the party to her:


I think it worked better this way, lol. Next, we attempted to form a heart near Cupid (of course =P). We got somewhat close in the end:


Thankies to ripplecloud for hosting this super fun event!

Bloggers Who Attended (no order): DeevFactor, CalypsoCafe, Bi, Komori, azog, Airian, Starrfire7, Kiui, the_otakutopian, Yueya, Serenity, noliai, Cipre, serenitycat, GM-Miyaw, ripplecloud (duh), and me =)

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