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Weary, Tired, Not So Happy

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

So… Happy hearts took a sour turn really quick.

1) My wrists started hurting again, this time really quick.

2) The load time just seems to keep increasing

So essentially it means, I can’t really play, due to all the clicking needed to do anything. (So maybe yes in the future if more keyboard short cuts are available,I might have less trouble… seeing how I did manage to play some other games that uses keyboard shortcuts for quite long without killing my wrists I am HOPING that this is really the solution and its not just simply that I’m getting too old physically to play these games anyway because my joints can’t keep up with it.)

And I can’t really even log in, due to how I can leave the logging in screen for 5 minutes and nothing happens. Then I have to forcefully close to try it all again.

I feel very very bad when I cannot contribute to a guild quest. That is the reason why I was sad that my wrist hurt after food for friends. I just cannot let my wrists get that aggravated again. I need it for real life work! It sounds so wimpy to be like this, but I’m sorry. I can’t contribute anymore, I can’t be active.

Of course the second point could possibly be solved sometime in the future, whether by sanrio’s future ingenious optimization of loading code or whether I get a newer and better laptop/computer. But meanwhile… I don’t know… honestly I don’t want to get ingame to collect things, whether for a charitable cause or not. I just want to sit down, chat a bit and maybe decorate my house.

I much rather donate my money separately to a charitable cause, without injuring my wrist doing so.

My lovely new paddy farm (and etc)

Sunday, February 15th, 2009


Old farm:

old farm

New farm:

new farm large

etc: afk noliai XD but at least i got a screenshot with her

noliai afk

HKO Happy Hearts

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

Well hko is coming soon again and I just did my updates!

I can’t wait to see what’s in store! I hope that we can keep our farms from this one o.O

P.S. to the pple that make hko… if the file size keeps increasing I soon won’t be able to run the game on this old laptop! I only have about 3GB of free space T_T