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The Spooky Tree Wishes

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

Ok now I got another video up because I was thinking and thinking and got something spookier than a feather xD


How is that now? Spookier?

Haunted Feather Video

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

I made this for fright spinners:


I tried to make this as spooky as I can… lol so you can go take a look at it if  you want. I hope to make a spookier video but its kind of hard to with the really sweet game background!!!


Hello kitty houdini and various founder beta delights

Friday, October 24th, 2008

So here I do the disappearing act in the Moulin Rouge… hmmm


And heres me in my farm before starrfire made the guild


Heres the leopard leader which has been camped on day and night

leopard leader

And whats this? Crop circle o.O

crop circle

Big Boars and Map Linkage and Random stuff

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

So I was wandering around and realized the true usage of that huge map. You actually can tell how the maps are linked together via that big map. And you can go to London via the long route from the middle of one of the maps.

Yeah took me this long to realize that xD

I finished the poppuru related quests after talking to noliai who was then stranded out of the game due to some server issues.

Next I was more than 50% done with the big board curved tooth quest when my own system froze up.  And hence had to log out and was stranded outside too. Soon starrfire joined me in noliai’s chat and some more people came in. There was one good thing… I slept fairly early last night hehe.

Before that, I also visited Paris, It was really lovely but it scared me because I went into the moulin rouge and my character went poof! disappear.
Thankfully I was rescued. I’ll have the pics later.

Starrfire passed me a long black hair thanks!

I got extra skill book on roasted something from the wolves I think and exchanged it for green tea and oat seeds with another player :D


For now these are earlier random pics of me getting stuck, I think these three were in the same day or something like that. In fact I think two of them were within 5 minutes of each other. Stuck in hkoStuck in hkoStuck in hko

Hunger Strike and London quests

Monday, October 20th, 2008

So I had been working on finishing my Florapolis quests, which I did, thanks to a few guides around.

I have been going to the coal and copper mining area to level up because that was for a while, the area where I  could get hit for only 1 point but the mobs are the highest levels, which allows me to sell the loot for more $$.

Why $$? Becuase I needed to raise money to farm and do the hunger strike quest and the london quests.

I also noticed happily that strawberry seeds were in the shop. Unforunately, I couldn’t buy a whole lot of other seeds which I need for some quests because my london friendship isn’t high enough. What a let down! I have to do the whacking mob quests first :(

Anyway, whatever seeds I could buy, I bought, that was first strawberry, coffee?? (i forgot if i bought this or got it from a quest…hehe) and roots

So I bought my fertilizer and went to farm hapilly.

I got the strawberry quest done, which opened up the corn seed for me to buy.

So I grew corn too.

When I finally came back home on sunday, starrfire was asking me if I finished my hunger strike quest yet. I said no, mostly because I had to do more london quests to gain points to be allowed to buy the seeds. So Starrfire gave me everything I lacked lol…  some skill book and a few extra items… which was totally awesome because after producing some roast vegetables I could head to the harbour and get the quest done straightaway!

Now I am still actually back in the same problem. I want to finish the cooking and farming quests first but they won’t let me :( So its off to whacking mobs tonight. (after laundry again which again I didn’t do because of the busy weekend hehehe)

P.S. I want one of those long black girls hair, and after whacking eagles and lynxes for sooo long I’ve gotten 2 honey drink guides, 1 boy hair style, 2 gags… and not what I want! lol……. this game seems to know how to frustrate me xD

More thoughts and tips from Florapolis

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

1) When you reach level 12 with full hunter set and tricksters glasses, all the mobs in florapolis only hit you for 1 point! That probably comes when you’re nearly done with all florapolis quests.

But I recommend leaving the policeman quests to the last because that involves whacking mobs, which is when you need the highest level to get it done easily and quickly.

2)  Collect oranges from sanrio harbour while you’re getting the slime from starfish. It helps break the monotone, increases your gathering skill earlier on and you’ll need it later.

3) Have your inventory open during your first trip to London. Right click on your bread/chocolate milk etc food supplies if the mobs hit you on the way! Rest at the corners of the map!!

4) If you get knocked out, you revive at the last visited town. Not the nearest one!!!

Hello kitty online Founders beta!

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

Ok so finally I have my screenshots up, not a whole lot of them though.

But here are a few tips I have

1) Mobs in sanrio harbour do not auto attack. So gathering and chopping trees and be levelled up there. Level 5 is pretty decent, 6 and 7 possible although it seems to get slower

2) Manfacturing helps you to level up (within sanrio harbour) , so after you collect extra basil leaves/wood from the various trees to level up, go and sell them to the food shop and buy lots of stuff to make plenty of slick stones and bread. Aim for at least level 3 or 4

3) If you can get your hands on them, buy/borrow from other players good clothing that increase your stats, that will help you in your journey around the forests :)

One complain I have: They renamed the armadillo to pangolin…. just after I got used to the first name too… oh well

So here we go back to the beginning, I went through the various rooms and saw hello kitty… or not quite so? Hello kitty guide but not quite her. Anyway it was nice to see her :)


Next I found ripplecloud…. it was rather emotional o.O


And then the rest!


Http/1.1 404 not found

Friday, October 10th, 2008

I’m going to remember that for a long time I think haha.

Was feeling anxious when preopening many people could get past the autoupdate and see the log in screen, but I saw that message instead. Everytime at 100% on the lower bar and 14% on the upper bar.

So I was chatting with Starrfire who had the same error. Somehow ripple cloud did not. I made a brash guess… I suspect its the ISP that me and Starrfire shares.

I have been used to all the times when my forums change ips and I’m always one of the last to be able to access it. I think my ISP is very slow at updating their DNS tables… Hmmm possible?

Regardless, this means that it should solve itself within a week or two. That also means though that hopefully any events ingame start after a week or two. I think those make the game extra special (even if the quests are plenty fun too)

Founders beta is up!

Thursday, October 9th, 2008

So we were all waiting anxiously because the servers had some problems but the other people at home are in! How awesome, they have been talking about which server to go to and some people are starting on quests already :) See you all tonight!