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And amigurumi again

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

hahaha, Its kinda tough doing other crafts…crochet just fits *anywhere* even if i want to sew, mould and what not… so here we have a bat, a cat and a bear




Cleaning, organizing, room keeping and a bit of crafty news

Monday, March 16th, 2009

So I’ve been through a bit of change (in the job area)

And meanwhile still taking the time, while I’m at it to really clear out my room. I’ve sold and given away so many clothes and shoes its unbelievable. And I still have more to go.

Room organization: I’ve been moving things around too. I threw away yet another set of old school notes (at last… yes) Which made way for me to shift things around. As a result I found my swimming bag (I mean I saw it all the while but I forgot I had made it my swimming bag) so I can actually go swimming now when I feel like it. I also re-found my crochet hooks which I had actually abandoned (so that I can do all this spring cleaning).

Room cleaning: Next with all those things out of the way, I decided to embark on a new quest! Use oil on my side window hinges. You have no idea how much time I spent in the past trying to get them open and close. Mostly because they were closed at first. Then I was bored and curious one day and tried to open them and couldn’t close them again. So I don’t know why it takes so long to sink in. Anyhow I used my sewing machine oil and oiled the hinges and voila! It moves it closes! YAY…
Now this thing hasn’t been touched for years and years, so next I decide to clean it out while I’m at it. I got the spray bottle because it was kinda hard to lug a pail of water up the table. This side window is high up and I stand on my table to reach it. So I use the spray bottle, a rag and some tissue paper to do the job. It kinda worked out pretty fine. It was very mucky and gross alot of times but I’m glad I cleaned it out.

Crafty news:
1) One of the crochet cakes I left at my grandmother’s shop actually sold! Its a pleasant surprise. So that’s 1 down 5 to go.
2) I have a new custom order, based on an existing design
3) Remember that white dress with the pink stuff sewn on? I decided to tweak the pattern and also lengthen the dress because it was a tad too short. Can’t wait to try it out
4) There is a great divide between rubber slippers and the fashiony type you find in malls. The former is made for both genders which tend to mean its wider, because guys usually have wide feet. The latter is made for girls and consequently narrower. So I have worn them and got annoyed because having your little toe touching the pavement ever so often because its falling off the slipper isn’t really very comfortable. I have half a mind to try and make my own slipper in that sense. Then again I’m so used to wearing other types of footwear now I’m not sure if I should even bother.
5) I found someone selling scrap leather on ebay in singapore. I actually followed through , and bought although they are a relatively new seller. Really hoping they are the real deal.

Random news:
I bought a white silicone protector for my handphone and realized I didn’t really like white. So I bought a new pink one and gave the white one to my dad :D So the aim of that is to let you all know I have a pink looking handphone now, which I like fairly much hehe.