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Sun rise sun set

Living in Singapore, I always thought our sun rise and sun set times can’t be too different since we’re practically ontop of the equator… well years of generic experience tell me that sometimes the sun seem to rise or set at a noticeably different time! Finally I was curious about this when I am in a online searching mood, so what happens is I find this useful website


The length of the day does increase towards middle of year and decrease towards end of the year. But the sun rise times seem to be going up and down unexpectedly! After looking more closely at the data, I realize that the noon time also shifts throughout the year! I had no idea that was happening! I hope I didnt learn this in school and then forget, it would be so embarrasing XD

Anyways there are some interesting effects

1) Sun rise time does vary, from a quick look, from 6.52 am to 7.15am!!!!

2) Ditto for sun set I presume, but too lazy to check :P:P

3)  Noon time varies from 12.49 pm (nov) to 1.19pm(feb) o.O

So yeah… next time you are shadow watching I guess this means your shadown length at the same time everyday won’t be the same and its not your mind doing funny tricks on you! hahahaha

6 Responses to “Sun rise sun set”

  1. azog:hellokitty.com Says:

    Actually . . . if you’re really curious in that kind of stuff, look up “analemma”. I casually keep an eye on the sun/moon/tides, mostly for weather patterns, cause I HATE WINTER!! I’m gonna move to some place where they have no winter.

    That website you listed is great, too. It gives weather patterns for the world. I’ve noticed that in Hong Kong, they consider 60 degrees “nippy”! Here we’d consider that balmy! Well, not really :) I’m just exaggerating. sorry.

  2. shesroyaltee:hellokitty.com Says:

    Hmm… That’s interesting. ^_^

  3. Tidesong Says:

    azog, in singapore you never get 60 fahrenheit… ever, unless in an artificial environment with airconditioning. Our lowest ever recorded temperature is 70+ fahrenheit… what do you think about that?

  4. azog:hellokitty.com Says:

    So, any job openings in Singapore?

  5. Tidesong Says:

    Yeah, I’ll be starting work in march

  6. tidesong:hellokitty.com Says:

    oh wait… doh you mean for other stuffs… yeah theres jobs on jobstreet.com recruit.net etc just try and get to the singapore website I guess XD

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