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Laptop hunting

I have been thinking of getting a laptop ever since my friend’s laptops started dying. How this works out? Well we all got the exact same model of laptop way back when we entered university. Everyone who used their laptops avidly had it flat out in three years.

Mine hasn’t, and I attribute it to having owned desktops hence my laptop had it easy.

I am still counting down to the day it conks out. I’m not sure. Has anyone made a laptop last more than a decade?

Meanwhile I have been looking out for alternatives.

My specifications?

Easy, in order of importance


1) Light, the lighter the better < 1kg = minimal requirement… dream weight = < 200g)

2) Full keyboard, I need to type!!! No crampy typing for me

3) Browses the internet

4) Plays Hello kitty online

5) Compiles java code, runs apache, php locally

6) Plays videos

7) Runs paintbrush and various oekaki drawing programs

That’s about it really, nothing much to ask for. Still looking at my options while counting down the days to the demise of my long suffering laptop.

19 Responses to “Laptop hunting”

  1. Kiui Says:

    Hey :) my favorite type of shopping! For about NZ$700 you can get a decent sony viao…strange a sony is so cheap but a great deal!

  2. Tidesong Says:

    The price is cheap because they probably left out high quality audio and gaming things which I don’t need.
    I like the $700 price but it has to have a full keyboard and is really light. Do you mind naming the exact model? There are tons of sony vaios around. I am interested in the sonly vaio P which just came out, but its $1299 and $1699 here. So I actually don’t mind that , exactly I just want it for $700 XD

  3. ripplecloud Says:

    good luck!

  4. azog:hellokitty.com Says:

    Depends on how you’re willing to shop. I’d actually start looking on e-Bay, you can probably get a good used, refurb or other type of last-gen laptop for a decent price. Unless you’re planning on running WoW or any other fat game, you don’t really need to have the latest and greatest Intel Atom PC. We use Dell laptops at work, but those tend to be on the heavy side, and I’m guessing things like the Dell Mini aren’t suitable.

  5. shesroyaltee:hellokitty.com Says:

    I want a laptop too… Instead of using my moms all the time. lol. Good luck finding one!

  6. Kiui Says:


    Back to $999 :( The $799 special has ended (thats NZD too, which is about $0.60USD :P)

  7. tidesong Says:

    Its ok kiui… remember I don’t live anywhere near the US, our currencies are in fact very close to each other.

  8. tidesong Says:

    ok i found it
    • Weight: 2.9kgs
    sorry lol!!! waaaaaay tooo heavy thats 6 times the weight I’m looking for XD

  9. Kiui Says:

    You just need to buff up a little :D

  10. tidesong Says:

    well see if it were that. I can get something for $800 thats 1kg here. I have a better option already XD

  11. ripplecloud Says:

    2.9 is ok if you only plan to use it at home as a desktop replacement… My personal laptop is permanently stuck to my desk at home xD… and since you require a full keyboard etc, I guess you will end up compromising on the weight :P…

  12. iheartbadtz Says:

    Good luck finding a good laptop!^_^ Am thinking of retiring Diego too, but sentimentality prevents me from doing so.:P

  13. Kiui Says:

    Ok you win hehe Have fun hunting! Ill keep an eye on the mailers :)

  14. Tidesong Says:

    ripple have you heard of the sony vaio P? everything about it is neaaarly perfect its 0.6 kg and has a full keyboard. the only problem is its > $1000

  15. ripplecloud Says:

    I believe price and weight have an inverse relationship :P

  16. Tidesong Says:

    but why such a huge jump? its from $800 + 1kg jump to $1299 + 0.6kg

    I’m sure someone can come up with 0.8 kg + $999 hahhahahahahahahahah then i can buy :P:P

  17. saros:mymelody.com Says:

    o_O is 1 kg really heavy?

  18. ripplecloud Says:

    2.4kg = extremely heavy and will give you backache xD… hmm a little off topic… but i just felt like saying that :P

  19. Tidesong Says:

    Well 1kg by itself isn’t heavy. Unforunately I also have to bring an umbrella, wallet, handphone, waterbottle to work. So any 100g extra is really something I don’t even want to think about. And if I’m not carrying my laptop around I’m not buying one XD

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