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Nanowrimo Winner 2008


Frost flower (draft 1) was completed at 8.50pm november 30 2008 sunday :D

More cool stats later!!!!


edit: even more cool stats after the break!




The number of words written each day - the word count history loaded from your Nanowrimo profile.
The cumulative word count, computed by summing all of the word count history loaded from your Nanowrimo profile. Note A black line will be drawn each time the word count passes a multiple of 10,000, to mark the passing of a major milestone.
Average Pace
Computed as the running average of daily numbers of words written, with outlier values removed
Projected Wordcount
The projected wordcount takes the running average pace and keeps a running total. Using this value it’s possible to guess how long NaNoWriMo will take, given any level of output.
30 Day Expected
Assuming that the aim is to finish NaNoWriMo in a fixed length of time, rather than sprinting for the finish line, the expected values in this column are the amount of words needed per day to get there. The values are adjusted up or down depending on how things are going, compensating for good and bad days of progress.
These are values that fall outside of the statistical range representing 95% of the population. Simply put, they’re the truly exceptional days where the wordcount got a rocket boost, or things truly sucked! Outliers are shown in larger, bold text in the table.