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Anime Festival Asia and Nanowrimo

So I went to http://animefestivalasia.com/

Dressed up as Meredith from gaiaonline

Two nanowrimo ’s from Singapore dropped by XD after I told them about it on the forums… how cool!

And my word count is currently, 38553… which isn’t a pretty number. I totally missed 34567… but its ok.

14 Responses to “Anime Festival Asia and Nanowrimo”

  1. BunnyWinx Says:

    OMG TIDESONG IN A GAIA ANNOUNCEMENT!! XD Awesome job! Seriously!

  2. ripplecloud Says:

    You need red hair!!! Let’s photoshop the picture LOL

  3. Tidesong Says:

    You can help me photoshop the picture, my comp with photo shop is dead :XD

    updated word count: 40192

  4. ripplecloud Says:

    I actually don’t know how to do that Haha! Will google for instructions when I am free :P

  5. ripplecloud Says:

    by the way have you checked your email? :)

  6. iheartbadtz Says:

    Congrats!^_^ Only a few thousand more to go!

  7. tidesong Says:

    Yeah I checked my email…. did I miss anything? I seem to have sent the last email lol

  8. tidesong Says:

    Oh I see that the winning emails were sent out… Oh well, no new email for me :P

  9. ripplecloud Says:

    oh man, I am so bummed!! I honestly 101% was expecting you to win the avatars contest for the girls and hkera for the guys! Oh well… you have my stamp of approval anyway xP

  10. tidesong Says:

    Harmonies and Azog won. They did a great job too!

  11. iheartbadtz Says:

    Oh, just checked the Gaia thing. You do look like the banker.^_^

  12. tidesong Says:

    Thank you iheartbadtz :)
    updated word count: 42030

  13. ripplecloud Says:

    heehee looks like I am bad at predicting winners xD

  14. Tidesong Says:

    nano word count update:

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