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Good times in HKO Photo memories

Can’t believe FB is over now… here are some pictures to commemorate the good times.

1) Getting knocked out :P


2) Getting thorny vines for Burry ball quest

thorny vine

3) Finishing the BurryBall Quest


4) Taking a shot with the Fierce Crab

Fierce Crab

5) I actually did the policeman quests without realizing that scorpions and insane scorpions are different creatures! So I went back to take some shots :)

Insane Scorpion

6) And so yeah I figured there would be a Crazy Centepede too…

Crazy Centepede

7) I decided to go for the leopard glass quest after rainyG said she could make bee stinger wands for me. So I spent time helping new people like Alanna here. I advertised to swop her newbie items for my higher level ones. Then we reali