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Body doubles and Crop circles

OOOh so I totally like making stuffs so I was happy to see the body doubles thing :) I dress up like my avatar.

I didn’t have a few things so I did the following

1) Draw hello kitty birthday shirt

2) Make the rose out of paper on an existing flower stem

3)  Stick a blue pendant onto an existing necklace

4) Put red beads on an existing earring

5) Make leopard glasses out of craft paper and black plastic bag (yeah I couldn’t see a thing… its not function xD)

6) Made aYellow star wand over an existing white star wand

7) Wrapped my broom up with red plastic bag (to match colours!)

8) Borrowed my dad’s shoes for the last oufit (hehehehe)

Check my video out here….


Next I finished the crop circle… I made a christmas tree in my backyard!

The coffee plants are the dark night sky. Lemon tree is star ontop the tree.

Strawberry and carrots are the baubles on the tree and cauliflower is snow!!!

Hope you can see it the video is here: