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Nanowrimo Winner 2008

Sunday, November 30th, 2008


Frost flower (draft 1) was completed at 8.50pm november 30 2008 sunday :D

More cool stats later!!!!


edit: even more cool stats after the break!


End-Of-Year EOY event!!!

Sunday, November 30th, 2008

I got my booth confirmed at EOY!!!


Quoted from the above website…. I will have a booth there

I AM LIKE soooo excited kayz? :D Well if you are anywhere near Singapore or if you want to fly over feel free to come!!! Hahahahah

Location and how to get there

EOY ‘08 will be held at:Venue: Singapore Expo Conference Halls A - F
Date: 13th December 2008
Time: 11am to 7pm
Admission: $10 for members, $12 for non-members—————————————————————————

I can’t imagine!!! I hope none of the toys get stolen! I need toy-bodyguards lol :P Anyone got tips? Wheeeeeee!!!!

Anime Festival Asia and Nanowrimo

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

So I went to http://animefestivalasia.com/

Dressed up as Meredith from gaiaonline

Two nanowrimo ’s from Singapore dropped by XD after I told them about it on the forums… how cool!

And my word count is currently, 38553… which isn’t a pretty number. I totally missed 34567… but its ok.


Thursday, November 20th, 2008

So guess what my video got into the top 10 entries for frightspinners contest…

To view all the entries and vote you can click here


Not directly related but my current nanowrimo word count:  28110

Procrastinating on Nanowrimo

Monday, November 17th, 2008

Ok so I have reached the really nice number of 22345 (that can only be beaten by 23456,  or maybe 24680 or something like that… LOL or 54321 huh) so yes I am thorougly distracted and I want to write more but I can’t keep going so I’m trying to waste a little bit of time here telling you people all about that lovely word count that I am stuck at before I head back into my story….

HKO Art and Nanowrimo

Sunday, November 16th, 2008

So I finally got down to writing my story. And I have hit 14k words as of now. I am of course dreadfully behind time but I shall try my best :)

Meanwhile I couldn’t leave out Hello kitty online art since they have a contest!

So you can check it out here!


Food food food

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

Three types of food in this post

1) What I cooked! I didnt make the meat stuff though, that was precooked, but I chopped it up and cooked it with the vegetables hehe.

my food

2) What I ate at a restaurant!

thai vege

3) What my mother cooked for me (I bought too much veg… had to ask her to help lol)

mum cook

Even more photo memories of Founders’ Beta

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

1) Visiting a hkofounders farm. RainyG is a fellow Singaporean that was really helpful with the http 404 no found error :)  and also the leopard glasses event


2) My inventory during the newbie event, trying to teach someone to make food.

Newbie event


Here I get my leopard glasses!

getting my leopard glasses


Thanks GM!

thanks GM


Look who gets stuck yet again!

Stuck again


Another person gets stuck! Not me this time.

someone is off the map


A Visit to Madame Tussads while planning my spooky entry!

Visit madames

8    )  How to build a stone henge:stone henge

Good times in HKO Photo memories

Monday, November 10th, 2008

Can’t believe FB is over now… here are some pictures to commemorate the good times.

1) Getting knocked out :P


2) Getting thorny vines for Burry ball quest

thorny vine

3) Finishing the BurryBall Quest


4) Taking a shot with the Fierce Crab

Fierce Crab

5) I actually did the policeman quests without realizing that scorpions and insane scorpions are different creatures! So I went back to take some shots :)

Insane Scorpion

6) And so yeah I figured there would be a Crazy Centepede too…

Crazy Centepede

7) I decided to go for the leopard glass quest after rainyG said she could make bee stinger wands for me. So I spent time helping new people like Alanna here. I advertised to swop her newbie items for my higher level ones. Then we realized that she couldn’t equip them yet. So I led her through the quests until she levelled up (but not enough for mine yet) and also  got another clothing item from one of the quest and seemed pretty much ready to go.



I see my guild members now and then :) Starrfire and Kiui seem to keep rather similar hours to me online.

twin starrs9)

My ware house starts filling up :)

Stuffed Warehouse


Some simple farming from meFarming

Body doubles and Crop circles

Saturday, November 8th, 2008

OOOh so I totally like making stuffs so I was happy to see the body doubles thing :) I dress up like my avatar.

I didn’t have a few things so I did the following

1) Draw hello kitty birthday shirt

2) Make the rose out of paper on an existing flower stem

3)  Stick a blue pendant onto an existing necklace

4) Put red beads on an existing earring

5) Make leopard glasses out of craft paper and black plastic bag (yeah I couldn’t see a thing… its not function xD)

6) Made aYellow star wand over an existing white star wand

7) Wrapped my broom up with red plastic bag (to match colours!)

8) Borrowed my dad’s shoes for the last oufit (hehehehe)

Check my video out here….


Next I finished the crop circle… I made a christmas tree in my backyard!

The coffee plants are the dark night sky. Lemon tree is star ontop the tree.

Strawberry and carrots are the baubles on the tree and cauliflower is snow!!!

Hope you can see it the video is here: