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More Food and Weekend away-ness

So here are two of the stuff I like to eat… featuring rice, rice more rice and some fish and veg xD (the second photo’s dish was marginally oily but I bear with it, its not half as bad as some that I avoid except after many months I think hmm maybe I should try again… and find out that its oilier and saltier than i remembered and stuff like that )

And to let you all know I’ll be really busy this weekend and may not see any of you hehehe.

fish rice vegrice veg tofu

2 Responses to “More Food and Weekend away-ness”

  1. amethyst_lover:kuririnmail.com Says:

    Are you on a diet? :o

  2. Tidesong Says:

    Oh that’s just my fav foods haha. I do try my best to get as many variety of vegetables and meats as possible.

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