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Skill points in HKO

So I was wrong, you actually get skills from whacking mobs! I had no idea, really because gathering and chopping and the other skills were just so much more visibly increasing my overall skill level.

Anyway another realisation.

As you level up, you use less energy to collect the same resource!

I was using 10 energy to chop one high level wood (hedgehod/goat moss thingy)

Then i levelled up and it used only 6 energy o.O

Interesting huh? I am not sure what these numbers are at lower levels.

Also I only use 2 energy to gather and mine for now. I am not sure how that works out and why it is so significantly lower. Does it have anything to do with the equipment used?

2 Responses to “Skill points in HKO”

  1. iheartbadtz Says:

    Yeah, I was surprised you could level up by whacking mobs too! I could’ve sworn that the bar didn’t increase in the beginning.x_x Man, I’m losing so much energy on mining and cutting trees. I’m only on Level 18.

  2. saros:mymelody.com Says:

    higher your skill in a skill, example woodcutting, less energy used to do woodcutting. also higher lvl resource used more energy than lower lvl resource (if im not mistaken) :)

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