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Hello kitty houdini and various founder beta delights

So here I do the disappearing act in the Moulin Rouge… hmmm


And heres me in my farm before starrfire made the guild


Heres the leopard leader which has been camped on day and night

leopard leader

And whats this? Crop circle o.O

crop circle

5 Responses to “Hello kitty houdini and various founder beta delights”

  1. Starrfire7 ♥ *Twin Starrs* Says:

    hehe … “POOF” u r gone! It happened to me once and when I clicked on the map, I saw my red dot outside the map area…

  2. iheartbadtz Says:

    Wahahaha! Yeah, I suddenly became Badtzy Houdini in Florapolis too.:P Good thing GM-Mickey was around.:P

  3. ripplecloud•云云 :D Says:

    the purple flower thing in the last screenie looks wierd…

  4. Sugar chan Says:

    haha! i still don’t know why you disappeared! every time i’ve been there i’ve been ok. but now i’m on the look out for it! could you still move?

  5. dawnlaree:hellokitty.com Says:


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