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One busy weekend

This weekend was realllly busy. On saturday morning, fresh with the concerns of hko, I logged on to noliai’s chat room and told some people that if you copied the updated stuff from another friend who succesffully updated, you can log into the game. I am not sure if this spread or if someone else figured this because I noticed the other singaporeans ingame on sunday.

So right after that, I got ready for a school reunion. Because my school is near the city area, I decided to go early and take a chance to shop in the city. I got myself furry yarn balls at 50cents each from spotlight!!!!! I bought 7 balls for only $3.50… I feel like going back to get more… hahahahha

So after that I realized I didn’t really know how to get to school from there… because I always went to school from the other direction, straight from home instead of from the city. So I walked up and down and around and finally got to the right busstop (by which time my feet were hurting lol)

So the reunion was fun. I hardly ate because I was saying hi to old friends and taking photos. It was one big whirwind until it was over and we sang the school song together (with the help of the lyrics on our programme booklet haha)

So after that, I went to my friend’s house for yet another meetup! We had dinner (japanese bento, mine was grilled salmon and stuff.. yummy!) and I bought apples too on the way there. After that we got out my friend’s new spiderman monopoly game and had a go at it. It was very well made, the mini houses are of varying designs which is so adorable! It was also quite an experience using brand new “fresh” monopoly money haha. We played until I thought I needed to leave to catch the last bus… and then another friend offered to send me home so I stayed instead, we first tried a shooter resident evil game on the wii, which I am bad at because I can’t aim and I can’t notice all the stuff that I need to pick up hehe… then one of them brought out this patapon game, its a very cute rhythm game, while another friend played an rpg while we watched :) So it was past midnight by no time and we all went home. And then I think I got on HKO for a short while haha.

The next day I went to church and then I came home for a short  while to play HKO a lil bit, then I went out again to help my cousin with her studies, she has exams soon! And then after that I had dinner and came home again and then my parents were busy, so I tried to get on HKO a bit, but soon after I decided to bring my niece to the park. So off I went again and tired her out suitably, so that she came back got bathed and went to sleep. Finally I could play HKO again hehehehehehhe. I got my character up to level 9 I think… can’t remember if i reached 10 and am working on the spider quest for now.  I saw noliai, ripplecloud, dawnlaree, starrfire7, ghost,bunnywinx and a whole lot of people ingame! Tonight I have to do my laundry because I didn’t do it all weekend and the basket is spilling over hahaha. But once that is done I’ll go ingame for a short while again :):)

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  1. ripplecloud•云云 :D Says:

    server down, can go sleep liao~

  2. tidesong Says:

    Ya I figured hehe

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