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More Food and Weekend away-ness

Friday, October 31st, 2008

So here are two of the stuff I like to eat… featuring rice, rice more rice and some fish and veg xD (the second photo’s dish was marginally oily but I bear with it, its not half as bad as some that I avoid except after many months I think hmm maybe I should try again… and find out that its oilier and saltier than i remembered and stuff like that )

And to let you all know I’ll be really busy this weekend and may not see any of you hehehe.

fish rice vegrice veg tofu

Skill points in HKO

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

So I was wrong, you actually get skills from whacking mobs! I had no idea, really because gathering and chopping and the other skills were just so much more visibly increasing my overall skill level.

Anyway another realisation.

As you level up, you use less energy to collect the same resource!

I was using 10 energy to chop one high level wood (hedgehod/goat moss thingy)

Then i levelled up and it used only 6 energy o.O

Interesting huh? I am not sure what these numbers are at lower levels.

Also I only use 2 energy to gather and mine for now. I am not sure how that works out and why it is so significantly lower. Does it have anything to do with the equipment used?

The Spooky Tree Wishes

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

Ok now I got another video up because I was thinking and thinking and got something spookier than a feather xD


How is that now? Spookier?

Haunted Feather Video

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

I made this for fright spinners:


I tried to make this as spooky as I can… lol so you can go take a look at it if  you want. I hope to make a spookier video but its kind of hard to with the really sweet game background!!!


Hello kitty houdini and various founder beta delights

Friday, October 24th, 2008

So here I do the disappearing act in the Moulin Rouge… hmmm


And heres me in my farm before starrfire made the guild


Heres the leopard leader which has been camped on day and night

leopard leader

And whats this? Crop circle o.O

crop circle

Big Boars and Map Linkage and Random stuff

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

So I was wandering around and realized the true usage of that huge map. You actually can tell how the maps are linked together via that big map. And you can go to London via the long route from the middle of one of the maps.

Yeah took me this long to realize that xD

I finished the poppuru related quests after talking to noliai who was then stranded out of the game due to some server issues.

Next I was more than 50% done with the big board curved tooth quest when my own system froze up.  And hence had to log out and was stranded outside too. Soon starrfire joined me in noliai’s chat and some more people came in. There was one good thing… I slept fairly early last night hehe.

Before that, I also visited Paris, It was really lovely but it scared me because I went into the moulin rouge and my character went poof! disappear.
Thankfully I was rescued. I’ll have the pics later.

Starrfire passed me a long black hair thanks!

I got extra skill book on roasted something from the wolves I think and exchanged it for green tea and oat seeds with another player :D


For now these are earlier random pics of me getting stuck, I think these three were in the same day or something like that. In fact I think two of them were within 5 minutes of each other. Stuck in hkoStuck in hkoStuck in hko

Hunger Strike and London quests

Monday, October 20th, 2008

So I had been working on finishing my Florapolis quests, which I did, thanks to a few guides around.

I have been going to the coal and copper mining area to level up because that was for a while, the area where I  could get hit for only 1 point but the mobs are the highest levels, which allows me to sell the loot for more $$.

Why $$? Becuase I needed to raise money to farm and do the hunger strike quest and the london quests.

I also noticed happily that strawberry seeds were in the shop. Unforunately, I couldn’t buy a whole lot of other seeds which I need for some quests because my london friendship isn’t high enough. What a let down! I have to do the whacking mob quests first :(

Anyway, whatever seeds I could buy, I bought, that was first strawberry, coffee?? (i forgot if i bought this or got it from a quest…hehe) and roots

So I bought my fertilizer and went to farm hapilly.

I got the strawberry quest done, which opened up the corn seed for me to buy.

So I grew corn too.

When I finally came back home on sunday, starrfire was asking me if I finished my hunger strike quest yet. I said no, mostly because I had to do more london quests to gain points to be allowed to buy the seeds. So Starrfire gave me everything I lacked lol…  some skill book and a few extra items… which was totally awesome because after producing some roast vegetables I could head to the harbour and get the quest done straightaway!

Now I am still actually back in the same problem. I want to finish the cooking and farming quests first but they won’t let me :( So its off to whacking mobs tonight. (after laundry again which again I didn’t do because of the busy weekend hehehe)

P.S. I want one of those long black girls hair, and after whacking eagles and lynxes for sooo long I’ve gotten 2 honey drink guides, 1 boy hair style, 2 gags… and not what I want! lol……. this game seems to know how to frustrate me xD

Another crazy weekend

Monday, October 20th, 2008

This weekend was in the following manner:

Friend A&B’s wedding, helping cousin out, then drop by home to pick neice up to play badminton with University friends.

Church, Picnic with family at Pasir Ris Park, Discussion  with Friend C&D and all their other helpers-to-be for their wedding

I haven’t been to Pasir Ris Park in many  many years now and its so awesome to be back. It was totally raining that afternoon so thee was no one there, we put our mats under a concrete pavillion/shelter thing and when the rain got lighter some of us wandered out with the umbrellas. When the rain stopped, I went to the playground to play with my cousin… There was this thing that is like a lop sided circular bar that goes round. You grab it on the higher end and then hang on as it swings you round due to gravity… (not sure if that made sense haha)

There was a cute caterpillar which I took a photo and video of.

I still managed to play a bit of Hko though hehe.

Little Twin Stars

Saturday, October 18th, 2008

I had this project in mind ever since I saw Starrfire blog about not having enough Little Twin Stars Items.

Little Twin Stars Amigurumi

Yummy food

Friday, October 17th, 2008

I finally thought to take a photo of one of the yummiest food I like to eat. This stall’s stuff is always so fresh and tastes wonderful without the sauce (which you can add by yourself but I never do hehehe)

Yummy food