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Applique to a dress

Monday, July 28th, 2008

So here is another thing I did recently, I bought a huge skirt that was to big for me, with a stain in a ugly place right in the middle, for either $1 or $2 because it had lots of very pretty embroidery on it! So I cut one of the patterns out of that and sewed it onto another lovely but slightly plain dress and here is the outcome :)


Many Thanks, some Amigurumi and lots of love :)

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

So yes I actually won consolation for my video! I am so so so happy. I thought I wouldn’t win, and didn’t even check that post out. But starrfire and ripplecloud came over to congratulate me so that showed up in my emails. So I have to thank HKO, starrfire and ripplecloud muchly!!

Now so I have had a dead desktop (which I reformatted but have not installed anything so its still as good as dead) so I have yet again done some crafts! I present two little amigurumi!

Plant amigurumi one

Plant amigurumi two

So I made these for two of my cousins! They liked it :D

I have more crafts to show you all! Till next time… much love!!