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I made a Hello Kitty Online Trailer!

Wow, it was harder than I expected, uploading the video and the sound took quite a bit of experimenting. Even now its not exactly like what I hoped it would be. But the idea is there still. Hope you enjoy it! (The music timing keeps changing!!! I tried my best to make it fit exactly but it keeps changing on me, when editing and in the final thing it always sounds different :( )

You can view it here!

2 Responses to “I made a Hello Kitty Online Trailer!”

  1. admin Says:

    Good luck in the contest.:D

  2. ripplecloud:hellokitty.com Says:

    Hiya Tidesong, thanks for dropping by and your kind comments ^^ Good luck with the trailer competition!! Can see you are well-planned with the appropriate screenies and the way it flows! Unlike you, I’ve got absolutely no idea what to do. :P Seeya!

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