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Bye bye Closed Beta!

So I did manage to get my house build in time thanks mostly to Starrefire7 and Ghost and all the GMs that helped me! We worked till 3am in the morning from friday night to saturday am!!! We had a great time talking :)

Finally on Saturday I had some time to get on (I thought I wouldn’t, so thats why the rush on friday) so I helped another person in the guild to build her house :)

And on Sunday, I managed to get on to see the ending. And also had time to finish up the last few quests that gave me the ability to go to Swampy Forest and to see the dinosaur!!

So here is a screen shot of one of the last few moments in the game:

Emotional Farewell to CB

And here is when the server disconnected T_T:

Disconnected from Closed Beta(2)

And here is me with my farm and house :)

Tidesong CB Farm