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Hello Kitty Online!

Friday, May 30th, 2008

So I was feeling sad that I was not picked for closed beta. However, my friend told me that she got an email for a second stage! (Wahhh my video must be so bad coz they don’t even pick me for second stage :(  )

After a while, we realized that mmosite was giving away test accounts. So that was just a few days ago! I was soooo delighted! I got on and tried my best to make up for lost time. I am so thankful they extended the closed beta until 1st June.

On the first day I had to get used to the interface. Having no text anywhere was something new for me. Thankfully, unlike another game, many helpful people were around and I managed to make my way through my first quest after quite a bit of confusion.  I joined a guild and I got all the way until mellotune’s quest where I had to meet some nasty biting things that kept making me have to return to town. That was the most of the first day.

On the second (oh dear… and third? Now i can’t remember anymore) day, I  got the hang of quests and started doing all of them, I went around
chopping and mining and farming. Finally I got the quest that would give me a house! But in the meanwhile people were going around for lucky 7. So I got caught up with that too.

On the third day (if my memory does not fail me) I had to get the items to have the chance to make a house, and finally after getting that,  I had to get the items for the house itself. And then finally after that I had to work on the house itself! My guild was busy with other people so I joined another guild where two fellow Singaporeans helped me until we nearly hit the half way point.

So today I hope to either finish or nearly finish the house. I have taken alot of screenshots and videos and hope to make many trailers when I can’t play the game and hope that open beta comes out sooner!!!!

Oh yeah and did I mention I really like this game :D I always always wanted to do some kind of virtual farming and this is the first one I can get my hands on. I am so happy!!!! I love growing fruits hehehehehe.