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A friend’s wedding

Thursday, March 20th, 2008

My friend got married last Saturday and she was the one that told me about hello kitty online. I’m a slightly bigger fan than her of hello kitty though. In any case it was fun helping her out and dressing up myself :D

It was the traditional singaporean/chinese ceremony which involves the groom coming to pick the bride up in the morning. He will then have to go through a few requirements by the “sisters” usually friends, relatives or real siblings of the bride. This can get wild, but my friend preferred something “lighter” so we had them eat some things they didn’t like much but still normal food and sing songs and answer questions and finally to give the red packet.

After that the groom goes to find the bride in the room where he unveils her and brings her out. After that, they have a short formal session with the brides’ parents, asking for leave to get married and the like and theĀ  brides’ parents to consent and talk etc.

Then all leave and goes to the groom’s parents’ house where the bride and groom serve tea to the groom’s parents and other elder relatives. This is when the bride can call them “parents”. The younger relatives serve tea to the bride and groom. The elder relatives that have tea served to, give the new couple presents.

They then go back to the bride’s parents’ house where the tea serving and present giving is repeated.

After that the ceremony was officially over…

Usually in Singapore there is a dinner later in the evening too and my friend had that :)