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Decorated shoes!

January 11th, 2010 by tidesong:hellokitty.com

Yay I just finished these pair of shoes recently. I bought them plain white and sewed on some of my fabric scraps on them to make them more colourful :)




Pink and black handbag

January 6th, 2010 by tidesong:hellokitty.com

Ok I finally have some time to share with all of you… the

Handbag I made for noliai :D

Noliai loves bags and pink and I wanted to practise making some bags… so I thought I’d combine it all together . I definetly learnt alot in making this bag. Noliai is awesome in her patientness, I told her about the idea many many many months before anything came out of it haha….

Finally made and sent to her yay :D:D

pink bag pink bag 2

pink bag 3

Have not updated in so long!

November 11th, 2009 by tidesong:hellokitty.com

Hi everyone, sorry for lack of updates.

1) I have been busy playing Singapore hko

2) My internet has been totally crazy and disconnects me so often

3) I have more crafty things to show you all soon!! :)

Hello kitty personality

July 26th, 2009 by tidesong:hellokitty.com

Well I’m not in the qualifiable regions, but I thought I’d doodle hello kitty.

So here’s a figure skating hello kitty

kitty skating

and a Hello kitty that just missed the bus at the bus stop hehe

kitty bus stop

Tank top and t shirts and shoes

May 26th, 2009 by tidesong:hellokitty.com

I made a tank top for myself from almost scratch. The blue lining is cut out from an old tank top.

heart print tank top

I drew on this T shirts for my friend! I love fabric markers and crayons :D


AndI changed this….

heel before



heel after


I still have alot alot of stuff to do!!!

Dinner dress

May 3rd, 2009 by tidesong:hellokitty.com

I made this dress from scratch. Added a zip and found out that I didn’t need to, this dress just slips right over the head ehhehehe. Its just plain black at the back, with a center box pleat for the skirt to be fuller, nothing much going on there.

Here are some pics of it :) I did the main body of the dress eons ago. Maybe even a year. But I never got round to hemming it until my other friend’s wedding last year in november, then I discovered that I probably was not going to be able to do that in time, so I just sewed the top and skirt together instead (its that pink and black dress in the lastlast post) (ps and yes, sewing a top and a skirt together takes like two to three hours, but hemming the dress needs a week!!! And I did both by hand, so its comparable)

dinner dress

the shirt

April 11th, 2009 by tidesong:hellokitty.com

As I said… it looks like a shirt. And I made this from a commercial pattern. First time making cuffs, collars and button holes. Great learning :)

The cuffs are kinda not normal huh? That’s on purpose, special request. Ditto on the shirt front. Was a simple alteration to the pattern.


Dress alterations

April 11th, 2009 by tidesong:hellokitty.com

This is a top + skirt that i sewed together

pink and black dress

this might look familiar. I thought the previous version was a bit wierd and too short, so heres the new one that i was happy to wear out :)

white pink

this is a new one that i haven’t finished sewing you can see a bit of the flower drooping and pins if you are sharp eyed enough. cut the flowers off a cheap skirt that already had a tear in it and sewed it on this other dress i bought. conviently lengthening it as well

green tube flower

Teeth Fright!

April 5th, 2009 by tidesong:hellokitty.com

I had my share of teeth decay when my milk teeth were still around. Then they all fell out and I didn’t have much to do with dentists for a period of time until my wisdom teeth started giving problems.

Now I’m scared about my other teeth at last. lol….

My friends have been telling me about their dental problems so I’ve started flossing everyday again finally at last. lol

And I really should plan a dental appointment…….


And amigurumi again

March 25th, 2009 by tidesong:hellokitty.com

hahaha, Its kinda tough doing other crafts…crochet just fits *anywhere* even if i want to sew, mould and what not… so here we have a bat, a cat and a bear




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