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What a beak of a decision!

April 5th, 2010 by

Wat it do ya’ll! Ya boy Blue is in da house. Yes sir I’m blogin’ yu from da lovely and beautiful Sanriotown, my place of residence and I got to say first off:

I’m definantly gettin’ da hang of this Seal Holder biz.

The band is defiantly gettin’ really popular *plays a little song on his guitar*

I’m thinkin’ Pink is startin’ to like me more. :D*Giant smile on face*

Tommy is gettin’ on my nerves as usual. >:(

I’ve been invited to like eight different parties so far this week (I only know about three of the people who did the invitin’ @@ !)

And the main topic of this post, I CAN’T DECIDED IF I SHOULD GET SOMETHIN’ FOR THIS FAN GIRL (well bird) WHO’S BIRTHDAY JUST PASSED! @@  You see, here is the thing, she is having a party next week, (one of my invitations).  I want to be friends…only friends with this bird so a nice gift is a good jester right?  My problem however is that I don’t want it to be misunderstood or mistaken for some kind of jester of interest in ways…not friendly but-FRIENDLY friendly.  You get it?  So I’m kinda of stuck, I want to be nice but I’m worried how it will be interpreted. @@  If anyone can advice me, I would sure appreciate it.  Peace ya’ll, get back to me soon!

And so I can be with her.

March 18th, 2010 by

*For awhile there was silence…whatever was being torn out of him was already gone.

‘It’s so…quiet. Am I truly on the dark side and frozen in time?’ He thought to himself.

He heard rapid foot steps getting further and further away from him and his eyes suddenly could focus, he turned his head toward the sound and he saw the sheen of wavy pink hair disappear through a portal.

‘Wait! Pink wait!’ he tried to call out but his voice was to weak to catch her attention.  He tried to push himself towards her but he hadn’t gathered enough strength to move his body much.

He felt someones arm going underneath his.

“Are you okay man? You really gave us a scare for a moment. I honestly thought you we’re on the dark side.”

Recognizing the voice instantly he looked at his helper

“Tommy? What happened to me man, I feel like football that got kicked all across the globe.” Tommy sighed.

“Seriously man, I’m not sure, there’s this creepy statue thing of you standing in place of where you were while we were doing that advance revolution spell on you.  When I saw it I was almost about to loose it!”

He gave Tommy a funny look, then quickly turned to take a look at the center of the platform, there it was an exact model of him stuck in time, it stared in discuss right back him as if he were some kind of traitor.  He could hardly believe his eyes, it was like he knew who this statue look-a-like was…the very evil that was growing inside him for the pass several months, the one that threaten Pink, the voice that told him all the weird chants and spells that he keep trying to block out of his thoughts, the one that completely annihilated an angry mob of guys, made him say some not very nice crazed things, and keep him from wanting to associate with his family for the last two months!

“So we finally see face to face Vagabond.” He whispers to himself.

“Wha-?  Who is Vagabond?”

Tommy asked, suddenly Mrs. Casey Bear who had been standing in one place trying to get herself together came rushing up to Tommy and dragged him off mumbling something about ‘not asking who bares such a name’.  So he was left to continue to stare at the portal, finally he had enough strength, he ran through it into the private room of the Bear’s magic secrete room then zooming right pass Lily, Yu-ri, and Usabunnbunn (Shinelly was no longer there, however he didn’t realize that they had been gone for three days straight), he ran out of that room, down a hallway and following his instincts he rushed up a few stairs and straight into a bedroom.  For a moment he stood there, what he was looking for was right in front of him and he wanted nothing more in the world but to huge her and tell her it’s okay.  She was sobbing into her pillow, and her hair spread out to the side her like a fan.  He was fall apart seeing her like this so he did what any friend should do, he went up to her and placed a hand on her shoulder, he felt her talk in a quick breathe as if shocked but she didn’t turn around, like she was afraid to.“Hey, you can stop crying now.”  She turns around to talk a good look.

“It’s…it’s you!”

“I’m sorry if I made you worry, I didn’t mean to but I couldn’t…” She let him finish, she jumped up, punched him the arm and shouts.

“How dare you make me get so upset over you!!!”  He holds his arm then giving off a little smile, he says.

“I missed you too Pink.”  She stares at him in disbelief for a few seconds then wraps her arms around him.*

“Please don’t ever do that again.” She says.

“I’ll try my best.” And he hugged her back.

Mind of my own.

March 8th, 2010 by

What it do peeps! It’s ya boy Blue Grrya comin’ from the ranks of ‘STAR PUPIL!’. That’s right ya’ll I’m considered one the fastest learners in the Pink Bear’s mom trainin’ system. They still haven’t discovered what kind of Seal Holder I am but I’ll be patient, I haven’t  gone crazy (lately…). Plus I’m really diggin’ spendin’ this extra time with my girl Pink not to far from me as usual. She’s pretty good at this magic stuff ya’ll. I’ve seen her turn rotten garbage into scented flowers. Tommy is not fillin’ to comfortable that I’ve reached his level of magic already and is ready to start usin’ me as his dualin’ partner ( I really don’t trust him with that, he could try to turn me into a toad, or try a repulsion spell on me so Pink starts to keep away from me…I think I rather be turned into a toad). Well it bein’ what it is, Mrs. Bear has prepare a magical spell that will fully unlock my hidden character, she has already prepared a spell room in another realm where if there are any negative forces they become paralyzed (so if I’m evil, I’ll be frozen in time for 100 years unless I get kissed by a true love, you see why I would rather be a toad?) So here I am, ready for the test today so they can finally stop bein’ afraid that I might destroy the whole world:

*Blue goes into the room where Pink, Lily, Usabunnbunn, Tommy, Yu-ri, Shinelly the sky wizard (who came to visit since she hasn’t seen Pink in a while) and Mrs. Casey Bear are waiting. Pink and Lily wish him luck as he is about to step into the Realm Of Awakening, Tommy looks worried but tries to hide it, because even thought they are rivals they are also friends, Shinelly is rather chatty as this is her first time seeing the Realm of Awakening being opened, only magic users who have been taught by the Great Wizards of Heart can open up this realm without being drained. Blue takes a look at Pink, she looks hopefully back, as if she really wants him to come back the same way he was, Yu-ri is a little creeped out by everything, since this portal is affecting the electrical flow in the room. Finally Blue takes in three deep breathes then steps in closely followed by Mrs. Bear, and her two most powerful students, Tommy and Pink. He stands a platform, there is a wall of rotating smoke all around them, like in the eye of a storm, and Pink’s mother begins the chants and spell casting, Tommy is asked to continuously repeat a Latin chant of releasing and revolution, Pink is told to use the portion of her Seal Holder’s ability to channel light around Blue so that any evil lurking can’t attack anyone or go into another vessel near by. Blue realizes that he feels strange, like his trying to split in half or something…he can’t focus his eye sight in one place, a part of him wants to lunge out at the closest person near him, the other wants someone to throw a blank on him and hug him. He knows something strange is happening to him and he can tell right away what it is-his darkside is angry with this chant, but what does his light side feel? After a while he can’t take it anymore and starts ripping his clothes apart! Pink wants to stop the spell so she can run out and hold him but her mother stops her and tells her firmly to return to what she was doing if she truely cares for him. Tommy is trying hard not to loose concentration because he has never had this much energy being used while doing an ordinary old English spell.

“This is luidcris! WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME?!!!” Blue can hear himself screaming in his own head, he was in pain but at the same time he wasn’t, he was confussed but at the same time understood, he couldn’t figure out what it was but soon after the chanting suddenly stopped…*

So that’s how it is?

February 11th, 2010 by

Okay…I’m gonna be honest and tell ya’ll i’m not to happy. i just found out something that really creeps me out and I’m not at peace with in anyway. Apparently I’m something called a Seal Holder. Don’t know what that is, can’t understand why it’s so important but that’s basically the root of a lot of trouble. Yu know why? Well it all started with that visit I eventually made tu Pink’s house so she could get her mother to figure out what unique bazzaro thing is going on with me, this was after she did some kind of spell that was suppose to say what I had but was givin’ mixed up signals.  So I went over to her house last week or so, her mom did the same spell again then calls Pink in for something she had to tell her in private, I’m assuming whateva’ it was had plenty to do with me, but it took so long for Pink tu come back out that I just decided to leave and check in later with her(of course I forgot to check in later which makes me look like a very rude person :( ).  Well just a few days back (maybe yesterday, I’m not all that clear) Pink comes over to my band practice, I knew right away when she came in what she had to say was very important and really had her worried.  So the band knowing exactly how I am with Pink (potential girlfriend :D )left all except Tommy (who has gotten particularly nosey since Pink and I have started gettin’ closer).  She tells me in front of Tommy that there is a 50% chance that I’m this super Seal Holder who can help stop some kind of dark wizard guy who wants to get rid all existence OR…now here is where it gets creepy, I’m the dark wizard guy who IS tryin’ to destroy all existence and if it happens to be that I lean more towards evil they may have to destroy me.  When she said that she looked like she was about to cry because she wasn’t sure which side I was.  Tommy started gettin’ really jumpy and yellin’ all kinds of ‘I can’t believe this’ comments.  Come to find out this yeti is a Seal Holder too! So Tommy is goin’ insane with irritation at how dangerous and uncool it is that I’m both a threat and a life saver, and Pink just rushes out because she can’t stand him anymore (now she knows why I feel the way i do towards him).  And we both go out after her, finally she puts her foot down and says that I have to start training with the rest of these magic usin’ peeps, and that finally shut Tommy’s mouth up long enough to calm down.(I’m not lookin’ foward to practicin’ any other thing besides band with Tommy).  So yeah, I’m in a tight spot here, I really hope that I’m not as evil as I am good so I don’t drive Pink away from me, to be honest…I don’t know how I’ll be without her.

I could feel it when I saw her.

January 25th, 2010 by

Hey ya’ll…um, I should start off with a couple of sorries before I tell yu the main scoop. First I’m sorry ’bout the last blog, just lately I donnowha comes over me, weird voices in my head so I keep myself away from the compt so I don’t start threaten people next…what are you doing apologizing to the scum of this town?…wha-dang! Stupid voice has started again excuse me for a few minutes *5 minutes later*Okay I’m back, haven’t heard the voice make a another comment so I can continue *clears throat*Second I apologize for not talkin’ tu my friends, my band, my fans and especially my girl, She probably thinks I’m a dirt bag for not callin’ or textin’ or even comin’ over like I use to…well that brings me tu the main point of my story today. I saw her today, Pink that is. She looked even more beautiful than the last time I saw her *goes into short lived daydream*, but I was so worried ’bout what she might say if I just popped up out of the blue…okay did anybody catch that? Popping out of the ‘blue’ and my name is ‘Blue’-never mind this isn’t the time for jokes. Anyway i was ’bout tu actually go the opposite way because I felt so bad for not communicatin’ with her but she saw me and stopped me with that breathe takin’ smile and that sweet voice when she said

“Hey! I haven’t see you in a while Blue. Everyone is starting to miss you.” Then I saw her blush a little, how could I turn away from that? She was being so cute!!!

Blue: Yeah, about that, I’m sorry.  I haven’t really been myself lately.

Pink:*Takes Blue’s hand* That’s okay, everyone has really been keeping to themselves since the Holidays.  I’m busy with my mother all the time, it got really crazy the few couple of days to Christmas and New Years because mom was in between her salon and ‘tutoring’ at home.

Blue: Pink, I’m not about to lie to you.  I still remember that you’re a sorceress, and I really don’t care because you are first my friend.

Pink: *Looks down at ground* I figured you’d still remember. You know what?

Blue: What?

Pink: Maybe, just maybe there is something special about you that made you remember.  If you have the chance can I perform a spell on you?

Blue: *Beaming mischievously* If you keep holding my hand like this you can turn me into a piece of fruit for all I care!

Pink:*Realizes that she has not let go of his hand than lets go quickly* You haven’t changed a bit you silly.*Giggles*

Blue: Well we can do it now if you like.

Pink: On no, I can’t do it in a public place.

Blue:*Thinking then says* I think I know where we can do it so that it doesn’t freak anybody out.

Pink: Where?  My house is um-er- very occupied and I don’t like how you freaked out when I went to your house.

Blue:*ARGH! SHE STILL REMEMBERS THAT?!*Well we can just hide behind this shed here if the spell doesn’t take long.*Looks into Pink’s eyes and sees sparkling but a strange haze*.

Pink: Okay, but no funny business, I don’t want to have to deck you.

Well we went behind the shed and she brought out this wooden stick, pointed it at me and said ‘REVOLUTION!’ in a loud whisper, her stick which I’m assumin’ is a wand started glowin’ and stuff but it was givin’ off some freaky alternatin’ lights.  It was going golden yellow and mucky green, then I noticed…I WAS GLOWIN’ THAT WAY TOO!

Blue: Okay this is totally weird.

Pink: I’ll say, for some reason your giving off two signals, one is suspicious for a seal holder but the other…Can you come with me to see my mother.  She might know what this means.

Blue: Sure but I can’t go about glowing like a light bulb.

Pink: It will clear in a few seconds.  Come over some time this week, okay?

Blue: Alright.

Pink: Well okay, can’t wait to see you again.  Goodbye Blue.

Blue: Good bye, and I promise to start calling again.

She rolled her eyes at me, smiled and was gone.  I really wanted to follow her, just go where every she was so I could keep seeing that smile all day *sigh*.  Of course that wasn’t all, I felt so at peace when she was near me, she was still feelin’ like a source of power for me to get stronger but this time- it wasn’t dark, it was like a plum of light had enveloped her and me and there was joy in the world.  so much different from the last time.  Anyways I’z got to roll, choose a day for me tu see the girl of my dreams so we can figure out what all this glowin’ is. Peace ya’ll.*Whistling a love song*.

The Holidays are starting to look less and less cheery…

November 20th, 2009 by

Hey…there’s no need for long introductions or…are there?  I am, the true and rightful owner of all that is powerful.  I feed off the darkness all about me and I am tired of being so suppressed.  This goody goody side of me has not been able to acquire my needs so I am slowly taking matters into my own hands.  I’ve been keeping myself busy, preparing for the time when the key arrives at my door step.  She’s keep me waiting long enough *evil grin*.  She looked splendid the day of that celebration and my eyes have not beheld her for centuries now.  The winters are just around the corner, the perfect season to begin anew.  It is cold, lonely like, and unfriendly as it has been for so many eons upon eons.  Why have I stayed asleep for so long?  My faithful servant has already acquired the Fegaharu from those lowly fairy folk, the Halo of Crystals shouldn’t be that hard to find as the seal holders are rapidly awakening do to my strengthening presence, so coming across it’s care taker the seal holder of water wouldn’t be that difficult, and the re-incarnation of my beloved Katherine Connela Bear is just as beautiful as the day I desired her from that retched black smith.  All is falling into place, all is soon to be complete, the cheer of the up coming season is soon to be snuffed out, and all that will be left is me and my queen…*suddenly shacks himself out of daze*What…what am I talkin’ about? *hears the doorbell ring and goes off to answer*…

The Mischevious Heartbreaker is in the house!

October 23rd, 2009 by

blue.JPGHey, I know everyone’s worried about me at the moment but they can stop worryin’.  I’m feelin’ much better, in fact I feel the best I ever felt in my life.*gives slightly evil looking smile to himself*.  Pink came around not to long ago.  She came with all this junk; soup, flowers, a card…but I wasn’t interested any of that stuff, I was actually curious about her, the ’REAL’ her.  She keep tryin’ to start a conversation, but I wasn’t listenin’ so she keep quiet for awhile.  Her voice is still pretty calmin’ for me and when we had stayed quiet long enough for me to start gettin’ irritated I decided to ask her the questions that keep poppin’ up in my mind.  I first asked her about her stories of magic that she told  me a couple of times but only recently I remembered, she looked pretty shocked and tried to change the topic but I was not givin’ up so easily, I asked her about her travels to the realms of magic, and her own personal magical powers and she keep tryin’ to change the topic every time that I just exploded on her.

Blue: What’s wrong with you?!  Why won’t you answer my questions in the first place?

She gazed at me then looked down to her lap, then she answered me with a question of her own.

Pink:  How is it you remember everything all of a sudden?  Is there something that you yourself have to hid?

She looked right into my eyes after she asked me that and I fell silent for awhile, I felt I knew the answer to give her but I wasn’t sure what the answer was myself, so I told her what was runnin’ through my mind.

Blue:  I don’t know how to explain it, but…I feel I already know what answers you’ll give to all my question. It’s like your presence fuels a strange energy in me,  a dark dip energy that just wants to swallow everything up around me so there is nothing else but you and me.  It tells me things I never knew, spells, elemental connections, all kinds of century old things.  And it says your the key, my ticket to unleashing a true power dormant inside of me.

Pink got a slightly frightened look on her face, then she started whispering something rapidly under  her breathe, I don’t know how I knew what she was whispering, but I could tell right away…it was a spell…and not just any spell, it was one to drive out any dark forces within an area, one know as a PURITY SPELL.  Somethin’ went off in me, it was like her spell was irritatin’ somethin’ inside of me and I grabbed her by the throat spinning around to pin her to the wall babbling ‘don’t try that spell every again on me, your to weak to hold me!’ from my mouth, but here’s the thing…I knew that wasn’t me talkin’, by the time I finally got a hold of myself and let her go so I can say I’m sorry she had already ran out the door.  I wanted so bad to go after her and apologize for my strange behavior but this new side of me had other plains.  I got dressed in some outing clothes, for some reason my black jeans and leather jacket were all I could think of wearin’ ( I had banned myself from wearin’ those things since it caught to much of the ladies attention and got me in trouble with lots of parents :(  since the keep associating me with a motorcycle gang).  I left the house without a word to my family, jumped on my bike and zoomed down to the park to see if I could just clear my head a bit.  While I was there restin’ under a tree I ended up attractin’ a small crowd of fan girls who had heard my band’s music and recognized me as the band leader.  So I’m here signin’ autographs and being asked out on dates and gettin’ marriage proposals (of which I swear I said ‘NO’ over 50 times within an hour), now it should have occurred to me earlier that some of these girls if not most of them would be in the park with their brothers, male cousins and boyfriends but I was to busy tryin’ to politely shew these girls away so I can think, all of a sudden these girls scatter out of the way as I’m quickly surrounded by all these angry male figures with evil glares and knuckles crackin’.  If I was the one in control of the sutiuation I would be calculatin’ my escape route but once again this other side of me had plains of it’s own, I get charged by this mob of angry guys and like some kind of instinct I’m dodgin’ blows, duckin’ and jumpin’, runnin’ circles round these jocks by the time I really could figure out a bit of what was happenin’ around me all these fellows that had greatly out numbered me were on the floor….I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT HAPPENED!!!!  I jumped on my bike and just wanted to gun it as fast I can outta that place but then just before I turned on the ignition these words slipped out of my mouth ‘Such fools to challenge the gate keeper of Darkness, I ought to banish them to the shadows’ and rode off.  I don’t know where all this is comin’ from, I don’t feel sick, or weak, or anything.  I feel powerful, almost immortal, so why do I feel like there is somethin’ wrong at the same time?  I’m out ya’ll, I need to think.

Feeling different…

October 17th, 2009 by

Hey. I left Vito’s house not to long after my previous post and almost reached my house when I suddenly fell to the ground. I didn’t black out or nothin’ but that hooded dude was standin’ over me.  He looked happy he finally caught me (I know I wasn’t). Then he started chantin’ some hockey-poky of some sort and all I hear is ‘REVOLUTION’…this dark mass of clouds suddenly covered my eyes and everywhere was so dark I couldn’t tell if I was still awake or not, but now I’m in my bed, I don’t know how I got here but I did. So I’ve sent an e-mail to Vito, my band and Pink tellin’em that I’m not feelin’ to good, in fact I don’t really feel like myself at the moment. To be more specific there’s a strange change in me that I’m not understandin’, I’m havin’ memories of stories Pink told me about magic and stuff and how I won’t remember after the night of a full moon, and these little groups of words that sound like some magic spells keep creepin’ into my mind…argh! *Holding head*MY HEAD!!!

Time flyin’ by and I crashed into this guy again.@@

October 14th, 2009 by

Hey ya’ll, I can’t type to long but I’m on the run right now. You see, the hoody guy in green I crashed into a while back found me while I was on my way to the coffee shop. He cornered me in the bathroom and started mumbling something about ‘casting a spell of revealing’ on me so he could ‘jog my memory’, so I swung at ‘em and ran out before he could get a hold of me! So he chased me down the street shouting that ‘this was for your own good! You must remember your plot to rule the magical forces starting from Daisyville!’ I don’t know what kind of psycho this guy is but he has been afterme all day, so I’m hiding out in Vito’s house right now, he’s called the police and all so their aware of this crazed lunatic in a green hoody running all over Sanrio. So please what ever you do keep a look out, I don’t want anyone else gettin’ jumped by this mad person. I’m out ya’ll.

I’m in the mood for music

September 24th, 2009 by

Hey people! It’s me again. Yes the one-the only- Blue Grrya. How ya’ll doin’? Yeah I don’t have to much to say but I’m now proud enough to announce that I finally got my long awaited date with the love of my life Pink Bear. The conversation was pretty straight forward (no it wasn’t I almost made water in my pants @@). Of course it wasn’t how I exactly expected it to go. She actually asked me out. I guess she got tired of waiting for me to make my move (gosh I feel so darn slow and I know I should’ve done something ealier anyway, long before Tommy got his chance and blew it). So I’m feelin’ high and mighty fine right now and I’ve been listenin’ tu this, a song by a band named Jimmy Eat World, my band Basement actually sang this as one of our songs durning a contest in June.  I know it has nothin’ to do with how I feel right now but hearing her voice was my own form of sweetness.  I’m still feeling free since that request she made from me to go with her to the carnival.  Also this guy that’s Kitty’s boyfriend has the strangest list of names, but I promised not call him those names anymore and he has requested me to call himby some new name…I think it’s ‘Donald’ or somethin’, argh!  I forget…Well got to to calm myself down so I don’t end up acting a fool later.  Peace ya’ll.

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