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First Date with the love of my life.

Monday, April 4th, 2011

Wow, I can’t believe it finally happened.  Despite the long wait, despite it seemin’un-likely tu happen tu me, Pink and I finally had our first date. (It’s been how many years I’ve been waiting for this?)  It actaully happened last month a day or two after Valintine’s day, Pink had finally come back from this long as forever trip with her family.  I was actually comin’over for futher training as a Seal Holder, Mrs. Bear wanted me to start accessing the power of the Halo of Cyrstals, honestly speaking I have no idea where I’m suppose tu find it but they say I actually carry it with me where ever I go without even knowin’it.  Well I got to the house and found out that Mrs. Bear was so tired from the trip that she forgot to send out word that everyone should come tomorrow for training as she had crashed the minute she got home.  Of course I met Brownie sitting on the front pourch burning ants with a magnifyin’glass (really I’m so glad he is not the magical one among the Bear family, he’d probably kill us all -____-….).  I asked him where his sister was (mostly because I missed her so much), and he reluctantly told me that she was upstairs in her room. (actually when I asked he jumped up shouting “YOU CRAZEE BOYZ LEAVE MEE SISTARS ALONEZ!!!” and bit me on my hand, I ran inside the house, up the stairs and right into Pink Bear’s room….I really REALLY am glad he is not the magical one in the family, he probably would have zapped me or something).  Well Pink for a change wasn’t annoyed with my sudden in-burst, she told me Brownie has been keeping guard all day trying to make sure none of da guys in the neighborhood would come close, Tommy came and Brownie did much worst tu him than just a bite, he actually used his sling shot on him, my cousin Indigo also tired, Brownie threw a bag of itching powder on him (GOOD!  To think he’d come here behind my back.  Who told him where she lives anyway?), den there was some random guy from the neighborhood who wanted tu sale chocolate for a school project but Brownie assumed he was here for her so he got the can of garbage from the back of the house and somehow mange to push the guy in it before kicking it down the road (did I mention that Pink lives on a slightly slopping street).  So apparently because he likes me he didn’t treat me too badly, otherwise he would of been more focused on keeping me out, not giving me a warning.

TU B COntinued….