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Maybe I shouldn’t have. :(

Hey ya’ll, I kno it’s been what…sever months (not like anyone could re-call that), since I last said anythin’ tu ya’ll. Sorry bout dat. Well, remember I wanted something excitin’ tu happen, got my wish but it wasn’t wat I espected:
It was late August and I was hangin’ inside the magic library trying to help Pink find some spell books on none esplosive fireworks we could use for this surprise party thing. I was happy tu see her so excited bout somethin’ she was doin’ for a friend and then it happened.  I got curious over dis really old iron covered book. I didn’t read da cover and opened up tu this page dat said somethin’ bout time alteration, now I’ve never seen any book with time spells in them and I kind of wondered why this was so special so I read it loud, now three things you never do as a wizard or magic user:

1. Never foget to read the cover of a book so you have insight to what your about to do.

2. Never do something you’ve not been taught unless instructed otherwise.


Guess which rule I broke…  Well there was dis huge time warp dat appeared in da room, did a couple of swirls (only because I stopped mid way in the spell) and we were thrown all the way intu May or June!  It was hot, it was humid, the books in the room were flying everywhere, the door jammed because of the sudden rise in temperature (look in your science books friends and read up on the effects of heat on metal :( ), and Pink was goin’ crazy!  I tried to apologize but everytime I opened my mouth she threw a book at me and I had tu get out of da way.  Well eventually she calmed down (after the 50th book, I didn’t realize she had such stamina), she broke it a sob,

“All my hard work-all of it down the drain.” She keep saying.  So yeas, I felt bad.  I knew I had to do somethin’ tu try and fix dis, so I needed tu find the reverse spell for what just happened.  By dis time da books that were flyin’ ’round (which to my surprise were trying to rearrange themselves on the shelf in the right order and position, I think Mrs. Bear put a hex for arrangement on this room…no wonder it’s always so neat when we leave).  I started to sift through the shelves in search of the one spell that could fix this, finally Pink got herself tu-ged-er enough tu help and we found da book after a couple of hours (actually it was months because time was out of whack in that room especially, so we were moving at some super sonic speed without even knowing) and by the time we finished reversing da spell it was October… So yea there’s my excitement for the Summer.  An apology to all of Sanrio for erasing three months of your lives. :( … Mrs. Casey Bear has me cleanin’ out the magic rooms for the next week as punishment, I think I should be more keen on read them covers.  Peace…

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  1. Says:

    oh crud,im a mage and magic knight (BUT really a crossbowman -_-)

  2. Says:

    Haha! you-you forgetter of names got in trouble! *pointing* Oh no..I need a hobby -.-….

  3. Says:

    Cute:*scratches head* I don’t kno wat dat means but good luck at it.
    Ear Donald:Awe it’s nothin’ jus d usual day to day mistakes. :) So how u doin’ ‘Donald’?

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