The Tru Blue
talk a walk in my world

Man I’m beat!

Wat it do peeps! Ya it’s yu boy Blue swining your way today with another story of the life I live.  First things first, HOW YA’LL DOIN’?  I haven’t heard from anyone since like (thinks for a second) early spring.  Anyway, I had me a busy bee schedule for dis here spring period, and a new one coming up for Summer time!  I went tu eight parties in one week (that was a killer because I slept in for like five days after all that cake, soda, music playing, dancing my head off and wondering how I ended up on the roof with a bunch of girls screamin’ all kinds of crush comments :( ).  I got a nice little hair ornament for this particular celebrant of which hopefully doesn’t read off a wrong message.  Two weeks after that, I went on this beach camp out trip courtesy of the one love of my life.*Grinning unconsciously*  She was pretty busy even though she was on vaca, keep havin’ to tell somebody off for goin’ to far, not to sure why she keep tryin’ to set my guitar on fire durin’ the night stories though, guess she didn’t know those songs I was singin’ were for her.  After that one week of campin’ came home and spent the rest of my vaca doin’ concerts and band practice, errands and listenin’ to my grandpa complain about the madness of youths today.  I’ll be honest it was crazy but it was worth it.  So hit me up if yu can n’ let me know how your spring time flowed.  Peace ya’ll!