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What a beak of a decision!

Wat it do ya’ll! Ya boy Blue is in da house. Yes sir I’m blogin’ yu from da lovely and beautiful Sanriotown, my place of residence and I got to say first off:

I’m definantly gettin’ da hang of this Seal Holder biz.

The band is defiantly gettin’ really popular *plays a little song on his guitar*

I’m thinkin’ Pink is startin’ to like me more. :D*Giant smile on face*

Tommy is gettin’ on my nerves as usual. >:(

I’ve been invited to like eight different parties so far this week (I only know about three of the people who did the invitin’ @@ !)

And the main topic of this post, I CAN’T DECIDED IF I SHOULD GET SOMETHIN’ FOR THIS FAN GIRL (well bird) WHO’S BIRTHDAY JUST PASSED! @@  You see, here is the thing, she is having a party next week, (one of my invitations).  I want to be friends…only friends with this bird so a nice gift is a good jester right?  My problem however is that I don’t want it to be misunderstood or mistaken for some kind of jester of interest in ways…not friendly but-FRIENDLY friendly.  You get it?  So I’m kinda of stuck, I want to be nice but I’m worried how it will be interpreted. @@  If anyone can advice me, I would sure appreciate it.  Peace ya’ll, get back to me soon!

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  1. Says:

    So howdid the party go or shall I say parties?

  2. Says:

    *giggle giggle*

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