The Tru Blue
talk a walk in my world

So that’s how it is?

Okay…I’m gonna be honest and tell ya’ll i’m not to happy. i just found out something that really creeps me out and I’m not at peace with in anyway. Apparently I’m something called a Seal Holder. Don’t know what that is, can’t understand why it’s so important but that’s basically the root of a lot of trouble. Yu know why? Well it all started with that visit I eventually made tu Pink’s house so she could get her mother to figure out what unique bazzaro thing is going on with me, this was after she did some kind of spell that was suppose to say what I had but was givin’ mixed up signals.  So I went over to her house last week or so, her mom did the same spell again then calls Pink in for something she had to tell her in private, I’m assuming whateva’ it was had plenty to do with me, but it took so long for Pink tu come back out that I just decided to leave and check in later with her(of course I forgot to check in later which makes me look like a very rude person :( ).  Well just a few days back (maybe yesterday, I’m not all that clear) Pink comes over to my band practice, I knew right away when she came in what she had to say was very important and really had her worried.  So the band knowing exactly how I am with Pink (potential girlfriend :D )left all except Tommy (who has gotten particularly nosey since Pink and I have started gettin’ closer).  She tells me in front of Tommy that there is a 50% chance that I’m this super Seal Holder who can help stop some kind of dark wizard guy who wants to get rid all existence OR…now here is where it gets creepy, I’m the dark wizard guy who IS tryin’ to destroy all existence and if it happens to be that I lean more towards evil they may have to destroy me.  When she said that she looked like she was about to cry because she wasn’t sure which side I was.  Tommy started gettin’ really jumpy and yellin’ all kinds of ‘I can’t believe this’ comments.  Come to find out this yeti is a Seal Holder too! So Tommy is goin’ insane with irritation at how dangerous and uncool it is that I’m both a threat and a life saver, and Pink just rushes out because she can’t stand him anymore (now she knows why I feel the way i do towards him).  And we both go out after her, finally she puts her foot down and says that I have to start training with the rest of these magic usin’ peeps, and that finally shut Tommy’s mouth up long enough to calm down.(I’m not lookin’ foward to practicin’ any other thing besides band with Tommy).  So yeah, I’m in a tight spot here, I really hope that I’m not as evil as I am good so I don’t drive Pink away from me, to be honest…I don’t know how I’ll be without her.

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