The Tru Blue
talk a walk in my world

I’m in the mood for music

Hey people! It’s me again. Yes the one-the only- Blue Grrya. How ya’ll doin’? Yeah I don’t have to much to say but I’m now proud enough to announce that I finally got my long awaited date with the love of my life Pink Bear. The conversation was pretty straight forward (no it wasn’t I almost made water in my pants @@). Of course it wasn’t how I exactly expected it to go. She actually asked me out. I guess she got tired of waiting for me to make my move (gosh I feel so darn slow and I know I should’ve done something ealier anyway, long before Tommy got his chance and blew it). So I’m feelin’ high and mighty fine right now and I’ve been listenin’ tu this, a song by a band named Jimmy Eat World, my band Basement actually sang this as one of our songs durning a contest in June.  I know it has nothin’ to do with how I feel right now but hearing her voice was my own form of sweetness.  I’m still feeling free since that request she made from me to go with her to the carnival.  Also this guy that’s Kitty’s boyfriend has the strangest list of names, but I promised not call him those names anymore and he has requested me to call himby some new name…I think it’s ‘Donald’ or somethin’, argh!  I forget…Well got to to calm myself down so I don’t end up acting a fool later.  Peace ya’ll.