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Some green hoody guy is stalking me…

Wats up my peeps!  It’s your boy Blue with a whole new post. I know, I know, long time since I last posted but my busy life don’t give me no time.  So anyways things have been goin’ down for a while now since several weeks ago.  The excitement has been picking up since Summer vacation was over.  First off since the gig on the September 2nd the band Basement has been booked for every week all the way into late November!  Of course practice has been on and off since Tommy went off with the excuse of having to help some girl.  I mean what kind of lame excuse is that anyway?  Then somehow I got another fan girl, but it wasn’t my intention to and now her brother is sending me threatin’ phone calls about sicken’ his alligator on me.  Who keeps a gator for a pet in the first place, that’s just…wrong. @@.  There’s also Hello Kitty’s boyfriend Dear Dennis or Douglas or something, I forget, that has suddenly come back to town, according to Lily he was in Africa, must of been sittin’ in the trees with monkeys or somethin’, sounds like fun. :D Of course the highlight of the past few weeks is that this guy in a green hoodie has been following me up and down for the longest now, three straight days and it’s really starting to freak me out especially since this he or she hasn’t said a word to me.  Of course today this hoodie person finally stopped me on my way to the store and was rambling on and on about ‘How is it possible that your a double seal holder’ and ‘could it be why you don’t remember your past self’ and ‘you must remember we have to take back the power of which we seeked for centuries