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The shops

Hey ya’ll long time no post! LOL!  yeah it’s yu boy Blue commin’ achu’ with a more lively self to pro’sent.  I got me an e-mail from my angel in reply to my last letter mentioned in my previous post.  she says she’ll be comin’ home soon.  That really cheered me up because this summer has been such a drag without her around, nobody’s been havin’ fun in the sun because when a friend just ain’t around to share the fun with, it’s no fun at all.  I went down to the clothes shop to get me some new shirts as I want to look presentable to my girl when she do return.  And I can’t be look so worn out when we go to the carnival together*smiling*. Vito  already travelled home to see his fam since like three days ago (it’s like all my friends are running away from me!), he’ll be back in two more days or so.  My band got a gig at a famous coffee shop, we play tonight.  So ‘Basement’s’ fan base is getting bigger out here ya’ll, the rock group lives on!  Anyway I’ve got to put in some practice now that the band is here, wish us luck, peace ya’ll!

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  1. Says:

    I want to see your band perform! ^_^ i haven’t seen a band perform in AGES…. :P

  2. Blue Says:

    Sottie-Dottie: Sure!

  3. Says:

    Hello Blue! Iam glad you heard about Pink Bear’s return too, I am also very excited to see Mimmy again. How are you?

  4. Blue Says:

    Lily: Lils! What it do? I’m fine, Vito is back from Daisyville. I’m sure you’ll be happy to know that. So what you been up to?

  5. Lily Says:

    Nothing much just handling some bussiness. And you, how is the band going, and the groupie problems *wink wink* teehee! :D

  6. Blue Says:

    *Turns red and face palm*Oh come on Lils, you know I’m not much into the groupie thing, I wish girls would just leave me alone especially now that I got my eye set on someone.

  7. Lily Says:

    I know who that might be. XD Have you kept in contact with her?

  8. Blue Says:

    *Giving self accomplished smile*Yeah we stay in touch, can’t wait to see her baby blues and pink locks again.

  9. Lily Says:

    Oh is that so.*sigh*The love you have for is fantsy, just like Vito and mine is. i do hope that you two will get together someday. that is if she does not fling you over the roof one to many times.

  10. Blue Says:

    @@…What is that suppose to mean?!

  11. Lily Says:

    *looks into air*Oh nothing. By the way have you heard to news?

  12. Blue Says:

    What news? the only news I’ve heard is that my beloved is returning home, my band has another gig and that theres a new jelly donut filling being severed at a near by cafe.

  13. Lily Says:

    *Men and food, jeez*the one about Daniel, Kitty’s boyfriend is back from Africa and has opened up his own blog.

  14. Blue Says:

    Oh…well I haven’t been paying attention to stuff going on in town since I have such a busy life. be sure to say hi to him when you see him.

  15. Lily Says:

    *Realizes that Blue’s memory of being a bear is gone so he does not remember being friends with Daniel*O-k…I will be sure to do that.

  16. Says:

    I’m Sure you Know Kitty.. Hello kitty.. everyone knows her>:(

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