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Man! I need to get out more.

Saturday, August 8th, 2009

Wat it do peeps! Yeah, it’s your boy Blue. I’ve been indoors for awhile, the only time I’m out is when my fam sends me on errands or I’m workin’ on my motorcycle. I’ve been wantin’ to go to this county fair that’s in town but I want to go with someone special. My friends and I have been hangin’ out in my basement after band practice and all but that’s jus about it. Whachu’ you think, should I wait until ’someone special’ is around, or do I just have a spin at the fair with the guys, would luv ya’ll to advice me. Oh and how do I avoid Sparkle and Speckle Fuzz?   They’ve been showing up at my door step on a daily basis since they finally found out that Pink hasn’t been in town for awhile. Speaking of Pink, here’s an e-mail I sent to her:My dearest love,
  How’s where ever you’ve gone to treating you? I miss you a ton, and I wish I was there with you. Lily your friend has been all over town lately, you would think she had gotten a job as a door to door saleslady or something. My family’s kind of driving me up the wall with all these errands their sending me on and to be honest Sparkle and Speckle have increased their stocker’s skills since they discovered your absence. I haven’t been over to your house in awhile so I not to sure how things are going with your family. I really hope you come back soon, I don’t think I can last very long with seeing your face ever now and then. Take care my love, I’m expecting your reply soon.

Blue Grrya
I hope that when she gets it she’ll reply right away, anyway peace out, see ya’ll later.

What’s up.

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

Yo peeps!  Blue comin’ atcha’ on another entry.  Yeah I’ve been gone awhile but so it is when your busy like me.  I had to catch up with band practice, Tommy’s been down my throat ’bout how I’ve been so moopy cause I haven’t heard from Pink Bear for awhile, I’ma’ send her a e-mail just to check hows she’s doing in this place she travelled to, for some reason I can’t remember what she tells me about this place she’s at.  Vito my best bud in this life of mine is planning on travelling back to our hometown Daisyville to see he’s fam over there.  His been planning to leave since last month but he hasn’t been able to get a hold of his girl, Lily, long enough to give her the details, she’s busy with some errands.  (What’s up with these chicks?  Their all so busy now adays it’s like they don’t even have time for the people that love them so much and by that I mean Pink not talking to me for awhile, Lily busy running the whole Sanrio, my luck is that them twin stokers aren’t after me all this while)*door bell rings*  Excuse me I have to get that before my grandpa does, he’ll keep asking the visitor if there here for a motor cycle tune up.

Blue:*At the door*Who is it?

Voice: It’s someone you’ve been missing in like forever.

Blue:*Suddenly feels reluctant to open the door because he recognizes the voice,then pinches nose to make his voice speaky*Me no speaky englass, you go house next block.

Voice: Oh come on Blue we know it’s you, open up the door you funny bunny.*two girls giggling*.

Blue:*Still pinching nose*Blue?  Who Blue?  Me no blue, me ‘Shinggy Ding’, Blue no live here anymore.*Thinking*FOR GOODNESS SAKE GO AWAY!

Blue’s Mom:  Blue stop playing at the door and let your guest in!

Blue:*Mumbling*There not guest mom, their pest.*Sighs then opens door*

Sparkle:  You took so long in opening the door.  Didn’t you miss us all this time.

Blue: No…(I really spoke to soon about my stokers not bothering me).

Speckle:  Your like so silly*giggles*that’s what makes you totally cute.

Blue:  I am not cute, I am irritated now could you leave?

Sparkle:*Wraps herself around his arm*Your such a kidder! 

Speckle:*Captures other arm*Yeah.

Blue: Get off me, for real, this is not cool!

Blue’s mom:  Honey could you run down to the store and get me some milk and eggs?  You should take your friends with you.

Sparkle:Thank you Mrs. Grrya!*Looks at Blue’s face*Come on sweetie, we get to have a walk together.

Blue:  Oh good grief *pulls arms away from the twins*I don’t need your help to buy eggs and milk and I don’t want your company!  I already have someone I love.

Sparkle and Speckle: WHAT?!

Sparkle:  Who could it be?

Speckle:*Flipping blond hair*Well that’s easy, it’s like totally me.  I’m cute, I’m blond and I know I compliment Blue, besides our names together have a nice ring to it ’speckle blue’, isn’t that a romantic sounding way to express our unity?

Sparkle:*Getting very mad*Who told you it would be a dim wit like you?  Besides if he wanted someone perfect for him, a red head would work much better, one like me.  And ’speckle blue’ sounds so dull, ’sparkle blue’ sounds much more fancy and romantic.

Blue:  Both of you are so wrong, and even though I wish you would just go away and not think about me again, I guess the only way to get rid of you is to tell you the truth.  I am in love with a girl named Pink Bear, not Sparkle, not Speckle but PINK!

Sparkle: But that sounds so dull.

Speckle: Yeah, like it sounds so boring, and makes no sense at all.  I mean ‘pink blue’, ‘blue pink’.  It just wouldn’t work either way.

Blue:(For real?  These two irritate me).  I’m leaving now, I’m not telling you so you can follow me, I’m telling you so you can let yourselves out of the house.*leaves*.

I can’t believe this!  Why do they show up at the strangest times?  Anyway, I’m gonna use the motor cycle my grandpa gave me when I was two, my mom didn’t let me use it then because I couldn’t reach the peddles, but now it can be put to good use, I can use it to get away from those crazy girls in my house right now.  Peace ya’ll, catch yu next time, I’m out.