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Carnival experience

September 11th, 2015 by

Hey its you’re boy Blue! Whats up with ya’ll?  These among the final story lines for my first date so pay good attention: Pink came down in a couple of mins, pretty fast for a girl but I’m glad she did.  Having a little brother like hers whos totally vicious like a pittbull is not something I’m ready to deal with once he lets himself off the chain.

So not withholding details, she came to the front door, whispered something to her little brother, and the moment he went in to check whatever it is, she ran over to my scooter, hopped on the back and says

“Drive if you know whats good for you!”

I didn’t even think about it twice, whatever she told Brownie, was most likely not going to yield good results for me if I’d stay there.  So I drove like the wind until we were at least 15 blocks away from her house.

Pink: Thank goodness…

Blue: What exactly did you tell him?

Pink: That mom made honey cakes.

Blue: Oh well that’s not too bad.

Pink: Well actually he made me promise him that if there are none in the kitchen he is allowed to hunt you down and shave off ‘in his words’ quote and quote “That rediculous Blue punk hair on his goofy head” unquote.

Blue:…But there really are some honey cakes right?

Pink: I don’t know, I just told him the first thing I could think off that would make him move from his post.

Blue: *sweat drop*No kidding…

Pink: Don’t worry, after three days he will let it go and you’ll be free to come to the house without much of a threat.


Anyway…So we head straight for the carnival, I know it’s once every four to five months, but this was special, this was going to be my first with Pink willingly being there with me, plus she was freely holding a conversation with me without insulting me continuously. When we got there I parked my scooter (yeah from prev stories I have a motor cycle, but that would have been too harsh on the ears and would set the mood into oblivion).

We set out weaving through the crowds of balloons, balloons with kids, kids with sweets, sweethearts with smiles, smiles on performers and so on, searching for Mark and Usabunnbunn, and Lily with my boy for life Vito.  We spotted the bunch by the wack-a-mole (those poor moles, Vito has a mean swing, so yeah if they were real, they would all have concussions).

Vito: Hey Blue! Pink! Over here!!! (Waves at the two).

We both waved back and started our way over.

Blue: Hey! What’s up? (Gives Vito a complicated hand shack, and then gives Mark a simpler one).

Vito: Just trying to win something awesome for my kitten. (looks adoringly at Lily who blushes).

Pink: Lovey dovey pair, enough of that, we’re here to have some fun!

Lily: Don’t call us that! (Turns even redder).

Usa: (Stretching) I don’t know about you guys but I’m just about ready to go on a roller coaster. (grabs Mark’s hand). Coming with?

Mark: Of course, I’d go anywhere with you. *winks*

Usa:*Rolls eyes*

We headed for the roller coasters and there was the longest line I ever saw.  You would think they were handing out golden eggs and diamond rings or something!

Vito keep on whispering into Lily’s ear and she had this constant blush in her cheeks.  Now note this, Lily ain’t got no make up today, so I know that ain’t no mac, covergirl or whatever making her get so red.  Mark was constantly trying to put on a brave face as we watched every two out of ten group coaster riders lose over 70% of the contents of their stomachs… process that for a second… As for Pink, she keep telling me that was her first roller coaster ride, and I was feeling honored that I was her first-erm-you know-coaster partner. *Cough, clear throat*.

It was finally our turn and we got seated two to a seat, as soon as the coaster cars jilted and slowly started to pick up speed, I could see Pink was shacking nervously.  I tried to calm her down but…

Blue: Don’t worry, it will be fine.  Just hang on and have fun.

Pink: I’m not scared!* Almost screaming*

Blue: I never said scared…*Suddenly they drop off the edge of a hill*

Pink starts screaming and closes her eyes so tight I wondered if she would be able to open them up again, and I almost forgot that I was worried about her as I threw my hands in the air, hooting along with the rest of our group!  It was a dip, then a rise, then a dip, then a spiral, and another round of dips and rises, my stomach almost felt like it flew into my chest… IT WAS EPIC!!!

When the ride ended and the carts started to slowly return back to start for us to come off I noticed something, Pink’s eyes were still closed and the best part was that somewhere during the ride… she grabbed onto my hand…  TO BE CONTINUED…

Almost Carnival time.

August 1st, 2013 by

Hey peeps, it’s yo-boy Blue here.  Trying to give you all the inside scoop on the faithful day I finally had my date with Pink: Like I was saying according to my last post (before I recalled my evil bugger of a cousin), I started getting myself cleaned up, smelling fresh and so clean, dressed to impress (as much as a warm jacket, jeans, and a shirt would allow) and grabbed the keys to my scooter. (You’re probably wonder how a teen my age at the time could possibly have a licence to drive anything that can legally be placed on the road… age for a scooter is pretty low in these parts and I’m pretty good with the law so I don’t get questioned… much… anyway).  I let mom know I was out of the house ad she tried to pin Indigo (yes my evil annoying cousin) on me again but I was out the door before she could complete her sentence.  As I rode, the air felt crisp, the leaves looked like an explosion of warm hues and they began to bud and sprout new greenery, people everywhere seemed a little livelier.  I felt on top of the world, even if Pink said we were just going out with a group as friends, I was content with the thought that I would be with her.I was almost at her house when I almost crashed into Daniel… well I think his full name is Daniel ‘Eel’, but he gets a bit offensive about that.  He was frantic about something I couldn’t quiet understand, so when he started making some complaint about some penguin dude, I just told him to take it easy and try to enjoy the day before continuing on my way.  On getting to Pink’s house, I had another ‘less violent’ incounter with Brownie, he was looking at me from the porch and I was reluctant to actually go any closer, so I called Pink on my cell phone (which I got for my birthday). 

Pink: Hello?

Blue: Hey Pink, it’s Blue.

Pink: Oh! Good morning.

Blue: Good morning. Are you ready for the day?

Pink: Of course, I’m just waiting for you to arrive.

Blue: Actually I’m already here its just one prob.

Pink: Whats that?

Blue: I really am still recovering from the last time your little bro was on the porch and he is kind of starring at me funny, so…

Pink: Say no more, I get it so I will just come out and meet you.  

Blue:*sigh of relief* Thanks.

Pink: I’m only doing because we’re friends. ‘halo holder’.

A little smile escaped onto my face, usually her teasing or remarks to giving me ‘foriegn names’ are really harsh.  But this one, I kind of liked a lot better. (Not that I don’t mind the insults, teasing and really mean remarks because they help me know that she recognizes I exist).  However on noticing that Brownie’s facially expression changed suddenly kind of killed the smile on my face because really didn’t want the little guy to think up a reason to chase me down with that sling shot he was dangling from his hand.TO BE Continued…

Carnival prep

July 18th, 2013 by

Sorry ya’ll, its been what… two years now. I left you guys hanging and I know I shouldn’t have done that, but before I leave this blog for a long time again ( or forever, depending on how my life is going), let me be the one to tell you the rest of the story from my last post:  It was the Friday night of the same week when Pink called me up on my phone about the carnival.  She told me clearly that it was on Saturday the next day that Lily, Vito, Usa and Usa’s boyfriend Mark would be going.  I was ecstatic!  Of course I played it cool, (too much drama to explain why I would be jumping up and down playing air guitar and yelling ‘I’M GOING OUT WITH THE CUTEST GIRL IN THE WORLD’ over and over again).  She asked me how my band Basement was going, how my parents were, and my *shutters*cousin Indigo were.  Fine I told her and did my best to not barf after a flashback of my cousin using my toothbrush to scrub his toes… with the excuse that the bristles on my toothbrush stimulated better blood circulation… I wanted to kill him but mom stopped me from using my wand to zap him to a crisp. >:(.   Anyway, after hanging up the phone I started setting up my get-up for tomorrow’s met.  It was already the last month for Winter going into Spring and I didn’t want my teeth chattering like maracas, especially as the weather hasn’t caught up with the season. the next day I woke up bright and early, I was so alive all I wanted to do was sing love songs (believe me, I only get that way with Pink, other girls don’t have that effect on me I swear).  My cousin Indigo keep trying to get nosey with me.

Indigo: Why are you so happy this morning?

Blue: None of your freaken biz…

Indigo: Of course it’s my biz! I’m your cousin, we share the same likes, dreams and even futures. *getting dramatic*.

Blue: No.  We share the same bloodline, spell casters element and unfortunately for me the same room.  Other then that your the biggest pain in the back side I’ve every had to deal with.

Indigo: That’s just mean. And I was going to give you tips on how to woo that girl your going out with today.


Indigo: I was not… I just happened to be leaning against the door waiting for you to unlock it so I can go to bed.  On the other hand if your going out with that Pink hair total babe, I hope your date flops so I can show her a real gentle me. You and your mean rudeness don’t deserve such a delicate flower.

Blue:… Your a perv, she will never date you even if you were the last guy alive.

Indigo: *gives funny look*Sometimes I have the right to dislike you.

Blue: Please do so you have a reason to move out of my house.*looking hopeful*.

Indigo: If I do that how will I ever get along with you?*finally leaves room*.

ARRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!! Someone please arrange to kidnap him already (yes even after two years the offer to kidnap him still stands).

To be continued…

First Date with the love of my life.

April 4th, 2011 by

Wow, I can’t believe it finally happened.  Despite the long wait, despite it seemin’un-likely tu happen tu me, Pink and I finally had our first date. (It’s been how many years I’ve been waiting for this?)  It actaully happened last month a day or two after Valintine’s day, Pink had finally come back from this long as forever trip with her family.  I was actually comin’over for futher training as a Seal Holder, Mrs. Bear wanted me to start accessing the power of the Halo of Cyrstals, honestly speaking I have no idea where I’m suppose tu find it but they say I actually carry it with me where ever I go without even knowin’it.  Well I got to the house and found out that Mrs. Bear was so tired from the trip that she forgot to send out word that everyone should come tomorrow for training as she had crashed the minute she got home.  Of course I met Brownie sitting on the front pourch burning ants with a magnifyin’glass (really I’m so glad he is not the magical one among the Bear family, he’d probably kill us all -____-….).  I asked him where his sister was (mostly because I missed her so much), and he reluctantly told me that she was upstairs in her room. (actually when I asked he jumped up shouting “YOU CRAZEE BOYZ LEAVE MEE SISTARS ALONEZ!!!” and bit me on my hand, I ran inside the house, up the stairs and right into Pink Bear’s room….I really REALLY am glad he is not the magical one in the family, he probably would have zapped me or something).  Well Pink for a change wasn’t annoyed with my sudden in-burst, she told me Brownie has been keeping guard all day trying to make sure none of da guys in the neighborhood would come close, Tommy came and Brownie did much worst tu him than just a bite, he actually used his sling shot on him, my cousin Indigo also tired, Brownie threw a bag of itching powder on him (GOOD!  To think he’d come here behind my back.  Who told him where she lives anyway?), den there was some random guy from the neighborhood who wanted tu sale chocolate for a school project but Brownie assumed he was here for her so he got the can of garbage from the back of the house and somehow mange to push the guy in it before kicking it down the road (did I mention that Pink lives on a slightly slopping street).  So apparently because he likes me he didn’t treat me too badly, otherwise he would of been more focused on keeping me out, not giving me a warning.

TU B COntinued….

Details of October’s party: Indigo troubles…X(

December 1st, 2010 by

Yes it is officially the end of my peaceful home as my cousin has moved in with me and declared war on everything I own…It started after he decided to follow me to Lily’s surprise party:
I was trying really hard not to push him off my motorcycle while I drove down the street toward’s the Cats’ Family house. It was super irritating to hear him tell me how many times he dumped this girl, or he made someone fight over him or even how many times he wished I was his twin brother so he could find creative ways to put me in trouble (THANK GOODNESS WE DON’T LOOK EXACTLY ALIKE :( ). Well he keep asking me about this picture in my room all the way to Lily’s house, and I tried my best to be as calm as getting near mental break down would allow. I hopped off the bike and headed straight for the backyard were my band was in the shed hidden from the public eye practicing, guess what…he keep trying to add his own sounds and change the words to every song, even the song happy birthday! Tommy already didn’t like him and was just about to set Indigo on fire when he made fun of him and said he looked like pipi-long-stocking’s evil twin brother when all of a sudden Pink comes rushing in and says…

Pink: Okay everyone get ready she’s in her room putting her stuff away so you only have few minutes to set up the stage!

Indigo stared in absolute awe at her and if not the weather being so nippy he would of left his mouth wide open and started drooling.

Indigo: She’s a total babe!

Blue:*Turns red*Shut your yap-per you idiot!

Indigo:*Fix hair a little and then goes up to her*Hello, my name is Indigo, may I ask what is your name?*He takes a princely bow*

Blue:*face palm*You can’t be serious… 

Pink:*Smiling innocently*Oh hi, my name is Pink.  Are you part of the band?

Indigo: Actually no, I’m here with my cousin Blue over there, his a seal holder you know.

Blue:*Rushes over to cousin and covers his mouth* Stop it! Not everyone does magic in here you goat!!!

Pink: Blue, you never told me you had a cousin who knows about…you know.

Blue: I’m so sorry, my intention was that you’d never know I had a cousin at all.

Indigo:*Wiggles himself free* What’s wrong with you.  It’s rude to interrupt an introduction.

Blue: Why you…

Pink: Just everyone get ready. I’ll go stall Lily, nice to meet you Indigo.*Turns and leaves*

Indigo:*Watching her leave with a mischievous smile*Pleasure meeting you too.

Blue:*Snatches Indigo by collar* You stay away from her…

Indigo: Calm down cousin, she’s not even my type….although I wouldn’t mind testing the waters.

Blue: Excuse me?*grip tightens*

Indigo: Um-err-nothing, I’ll stay away.*smiling in fear*

Blue: You better.*lets him go and goes to get the stage ready for the rest of the band*

So yeah, he already has started to act out!…..aurgh!…he is just a disaster waiting to happen….

Baby sitting an age mate. @@

November 9th, 2010 by

*Blue is freaking out inside himself as he stares back at his cousin*

Indigo: Well aren’t you gonna let me in?  It’s freezing out here!

blue: *Clinching teeth* I’m still debating over that.

*Blue’s mother comes to the door them with a huge smile on here face she says*

Mrs. Grrya: Why hello little Indi, my you’ve grown bigger since the last I say you.

Indigo:*Big charming smile he pushes pass Blue landing him on the pavement outside the door and goes to give his aunt a big hug* Good afternoon aunt Pamula.

Blue:*Jumping up on his feet furious* Why you lil’…

Mrs. Grrya: Blue! No being rude to your guest, besides you’ll be sharing your room with him so you might as well get use to him being around. 

Blue: But why does he have to be here for school?

Mrs. Grrya: Why you haven’t heard?  Since Mrs. Casey Bear has started training young magicians, she got an approval from the head magicians counsel to train and retrain all Seal holding family members.  She’s been doing quiet well and knowing she’s a descendant of the Great Katherine Connela Bear, your cousin’s family wanted their son to also train further under her.

Indigo: Who knows cousin, I might get as good as you or even better.

Blue: Who told you I was training?

Indigo: Mom and dad, they say your a chosen Seal Holder, which is so cool, when ever I tell girls I’m related to you they get really friendly.

Blue: You don’t have a problem with girls.

Indigo: I know *mischievous smile*, they just do my homework, clean my room that kind of stuff.

Blue:*Dumb founded for a second* Mom are you listening to this creep wad!

Mrs Grrya:*On phone* Oh yes I would like an order of those cinnamon cookies, they are quiet delicious.

Blue:*Mouth drops open* You’ve got to be kidding me.

Indigo: Don’t worry, I know how to time myself perfectly.  So where’s ‘OUR’ room.

Blue: It’s my room you creep!

Mrs. Grrya: Blue! Stop being rude and show your cousin where you’ll ‘both’ be staying.

*Blue grumbled an insult that only he could hear and leads his cousin to the bedroom*

Indigo: Wow! Your room is huge!!! You got a game system?  Why didn’t mom get me one…oh yeah she already got me that dragon that breathes ice instead of fire, maybe next year.*Runs up and down for a few minutes touching everything (for those who have seen many of the earlier episodes of Dexter’s Laboratory, Indigo is acting very much like Dede)*

Blue: Please-stop-touching-everything…

Indigo: What’s wrong? I won’t break anything. *Finds a picture of someone on the table* Who’s this?  She’s pretty.*Big goofy smile on face*

Blue:*Rushes over and snatches the picture* None of your business, now go unpack.

Indigo: We’re the same age you know, you can’t really tell me what to do.

Blue: I’m older than you by two months that’s enough reason for me to tell you what to do or better yet what NOT to do around me.

Indigo:*Noticing that Blue is still clutching the picture*You still haven’t told me who that girl with the Pink hair is, she your girlfriend or something?

Blue: What’s it to you? Anyway you can stay here, I have to go somewhere.

Indigo: I’ll go with you!

Blue: NO! For heaven sake no!

Indigo: I’m going with you, even if you say no.

Blue:*Irritated, he puts on his jacket, boots and grabs his guitar case then goes down stairs* Don’t follow me!

Indigo:*Rushing after him*Why not? You look like your going to play in a concert, I wanna see you play.

Mrs. Grrya: Why don’t you take him with you.  Besides, he wants to follow you and it is a birthday party attending for your friend Lily.  It’d be nice for him to get to know some of the people you know.

Blue: Mom your asking for a total disaster.

Mrs. Grrya: Your too dramatic.  Nothing bad is going to happen, now you run along before your late.

Indigo: It’s gonna be great cousin, I promise not to paint the town red, maybe blue but not red. Is Lily the name of your girlfriend?

Blue: Somebody shot me…


From a friend.

October 28th, 2010 by

*It’s getting more and more like Autumn each day, leaves turning different shades, breeze getting more and more chilly. Lots of people dressing more warmly dressed. It’s interesting the transformations that go on along with the weather*

Person:*Shivers and sneezes twice*Jeesh…to think cousin lives here.  All well maybe his learned some kind of heat modification thingy or something.

*Crunching through the leaves on the side walk, the stranger digs a paper out their pocket and starts studying the numbers on the building as they pass by each one*

Person: 123, 125, 127, 129, awe!  There it is 131.*Adjust bag on shoulder then heads up the walk way*

*The door bell is rung a couple of times, from inside the house you hear ‘I’ll get it!’ and some stomping closing in on the door from inside.  The door opens and there stands a Blue hair boy both shocked and dumb founded at the sight of this person on his door step*

Person: Hello cousin Blue, long time no see.*beaming with joy*

Blue: What are you doing here?  Go away!

Person:*Surprised* What do you mean what am I doing here, didn’t you get the letter I sent you three months ago?  I told you I’d be coming before Hallow’s Eve to live with you guys until I finish school.

Blue: Letter?  I didn’t get any letter!

Person: Probably because you’d react like this, I don’t get what the big deal is with me even showing up here in the first place.  It’s not like you don’t know me.

Blue:*Mumbling*But thats just it, I do.

Mrs. Grrya: Sweety who’s at the door?

Blue:*Through clinched teeth* it’s…Cousin Indigo…


Maybe I shouldn’t have. :(

October 21st, 2010 by

Hey ya’ll, I kno it’s been what…sever months (not like anyone could re-call that), since I last said anythin’ tu ya’ll. Sorry bout dat. Well, remember I wanted something excitin’ tu happen, got my wish but it wasn’t wat I espected:
It was late August and I was hangin’ inside the magic library trying to help Pink find some spell books on none esplosive fireworks we could use for this surprise party thing. I was happy tu see her so excited bout somethin’ she was doin’ for a friend and then it happened.  I got curious over dis really old iron covered book. I didn’t read da cover and opened up tu this page dat said somethin’ bout time alteration, now I’ve never seen any book with time spells in them and I kind of wondered why this was so special so I read it loud, now three things you never do as a wizard or magic user:

1. Never foget to read the cover of a book so you have insight to what your about to do.

2. Never do something you’ve not been taught unless instructed otherwise.


Guess which rule I broke…  Well there was dis huge time warp dat appeared in da room, did a couple of swirls (only because I stopped mid way in the spell) and we were thrown all the way intu May or June!  It was hot, it was humid, the books in the room were flying everywhere, the door jammed because of the sudden rise in temperature (look in your science books friends and read up on the effects of heat on metal :( ), and Pink was goin’ crazy!  I tried to apologize but everytime I opened my mouth she threw a book at me and I had tu get out of da way.  Well eventually she calmed down (after the 50th book, I didn’t realize she had such stamina), she broke it a sob,

“All my hard work-all of it down the drain.” She keep saying.  So yeas, I felt bad.  I knew I had to do somethin’ tu try and fix dis, so I needed tu find the reverse spell for what just happened.  By dis time da books that were flyin’ ’round (which to my surprise were trying to rearrange themselves on the shelf in the right order and position, I think Mrs. Bear put a hex for arrangement on this room…no wonder it’s always so neat when we leave).  I started to sift through the shelves in search of the one spell that could fix this, finally Pink got herself tu-ged-er enough tu help and we found da book after a couple of hours (actually it was months because time was out of whack in that room especially, so we were moving at some super sonic speed without even knowing) and by the time we finished reversing da spell it was October… So yea there’s my excitement for the Summer.  An apology to all of Sanrio for erasing three months of your lives. :( … Mrs. Casey Bear has me cleanin’ out the magic rooms for the next week as punishment, I think I should be more keen on read them covers.  Peace…

Too quiet…

August 9th, 2010 by

Hey ya’ll, u kno who dis is but in case it slipped ya mind it’s Blue again.  (I’m starting to wonder if I’m the only one updating now adays…)  Anyway, Sanrio has been pretty mellow lately especially after I got seperated from my dark side ( if u can re-call).  All there ever is, is band practice, magic practice, concerts, skill testing, errands, runnin’ from Sparkle and Speckle fuzz, visitin’ my friends, listinin’ tu grandpa’s back-in-the-day stories, da ocassional verbal fight with Tommy…you kno all da common stuff.  Dis is da last month of Summer, I want somethin’ out of da ordinary tu happen already. :(  Anyway peace out ya’ll back tu practice.

Man I’m beat!

June 5th, 2010 by

Wat it do peeps! Ya it’s yu boy Blue swining your way today with another story of the life I live.  First things first, HOW YA’LL DOIN’?  I haven’t heard from anyone since like (thinks for a second) early spring.  Anyway, I had me a busy bee schedule for dis here spring period, and a new one coming up for Summer time!  I went tu eight parties in one week (that was a killer because I slept in for like five days after all that cake, soda, music playing, dancing my head off and wondering how I ended up on the roof with a bunch of girls screamin’ all kinds of crush comments :( ).  I got a nice little hair ornament for this particular celebrant of which hopefully doesn’t read off a wrong message.  Two weeks after that, I went on this beach camp out trip courtesy of the one love of my life.*Grinning unconsciously*  She was pretty busy even though she was on vaca, keep havin’ to tell somebody off for goin’ to far, not to sure why she keep tryin’ to set my guitar on fire durin’ the night stories though, guess she didn’t know those songs I was singin’ were for her.  After that one week of campin’ came home and spent the rest of my vaca doin’ concerts and band practice, errands and listenin’ to my grandpa complain about the madness of youths today.  I’ll be honest it was crazy but it was worth it.  So hit me up if yu can n’ let me know how your spring time flowed.  Peace ya’ll!

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