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WoW Toys

Wednesday, March 19th, 2008

Honestly, I think that one of the deepest, richest and most interesting video game lore out there is that of Warcraft’s. Ever since I was a kid, after playing the first ever Warcraft game, I feel so cheated every time I play with my toys because I so wanted to have those knights, footmen and grunts at my fingertips.

Something solid.

Something concrete.

Something to play with in real life. (well as far as playing Warcraft in real life goes =/)

And then, WoW comes out and the urge to hold at least a part of that world grows so large that it starts to nibble at you.


They released some World of Warcraft figures but nothing really seemed to leap out of the shelf.

You know what I mean?

A warlock? Puh-lease… not my cup o’ tea.

Not a fan of dwarves either.


All hope was lost until I stumbled upon THIS beauty:

Oh sweet moses…


This one isn’t half bad either:



Let me digress a bit, these toys CANNOT even compare to what I’m really excited about:

THIS is Marcus Fenix of Gears of War fame and YES, that is a chainsaw. (Actually, that’s a beautiful combination of high powered rifle and chainsaw).

Looks like I’m experiencing another toy renaissance.

Just for the Sheer Novel Value

Friday, January 4th, 2008

I remember going to Serendra with a fellow toy geek before. We were looking for toy shops and see what kind of wares our grubby, dork hands could grab. Edeng’s toyshop, thank you for a superbly outrageous day. :D

He’s SORT OF from the future.

Now with FREE Star Rice!

Batman’s identity crisis.

Hope you had your shots.

No one messes with a warrior named Explode.

A true hero:

Handsome? Check.

Glistering eyes? Check.

Specially Stylish? Check.

Reliable? Check.

Could turn half-length? If he could go 360 then it’d be ok.


A multi-lingual robot? 


Optimus is retired. Ultraman is the NEW Prime.


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