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Coheed and Rock Band

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

Check out this awesome clip I found:

Yep, Coheed and Cambria got featured on G4TV. Anyway, when I first heard of Harmonix developing Rock Band (where you and your friends get to play the full ensemble to capture that whole rock-bandy feel), I quickly assumed that this game would spawn a whole army of drummers, considering Guitar Hero birthed a whole nation of air-guitarists.


Kevin Pereira, host of Attack of the Show, has this crazy notion that playing Rock Band actually improves one’s non-existent drumming skills and to prove that, he decides to jam with the most amazing band evah, Coheed & Cambria.

For the record, I seriously don’t think that our boy Kevin here isn’t a first time drummer. He pretty much owned those drum fills. I find it funny the he asked Chris (Co & Ca’s current drummer) how he felt about 12 year olds being able to play his song on drums. Problem is, Chris wasn’t in the band when Welcome Home came out and compared to the stuff he actually writes (he used to play for Dillinger Escape Plan), he probably thinks a 12 year old could easily play it.