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Friday, February 8th, 2008

Ever listened to heavy-metal music? No? Too much screaming? Or perhaps the guitars are too loud? The larynx-wrenching vocals tearing your eardrums and your musical taste asunder?


Okay I’ll admit that that metalcore ISN’T for everyone but the call of the thunderous drums, the tantalizing guitar sweeps and the banshee-like scream is HARD to ignore. In fact, it’s quite EASY TO GET INTO if you’re a musician who appreciates groin-grabbing musicianship.

First video is… Deliver Us from Darkest Hour. Imagine "The Man" put the band into a tiny room and squeezed every ounce of metal-fueled passion out of them, because this exceptionally tight band completely transcends bland metalcore, and bursts at the seams with searing guitar solos, breakneck rhythms, and dizzying riffs. Yeah… something like that.



The next video is Shadetree Mechanics by The Bled. This band just explodes out of your speakers and into your bones. The shredding guitar-riffs and the meticulous drumming creep up your spine and into your naive musical sense. Enjoy.




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