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Polysics and Strong Machine 2

Monday, December 10th, 2007

Polysics (or POLYSICS) are a Japanese new wave/Rock band from Tokyo, who personally dub their unique style as “technicolor pogo punk”. The band started in 1997, but got their big break in 1998 at a concert in Tokyo. They create high energy music, fusing conventional guitar music, with synthesized and computer generated sound to create a unique mixture of punk and Synthpop, heavily inspired by the American bands Devo and The Tubes, and Japanese bands such as P-Model and Yellow Magic Orchestra. Their song lyrics often consist of Japanese, English, or just plain gibberish (”Space Language”). The band has been noted for their extremely energetic live performances and their wild gimmicky outfits.

Polysics - I My Me Mine

Polysics feat. Strong Machine 2 - I My Me Mine

I just discovered this band 2 nights ago. Aren’t they amazing? Well at first, I was totally weirded out by their whole sound but then I realized that they’re like the Japanese version of The Blood Brothers, one of my top favorite bands. Check them out:

The Blood Brothers - Set Fire to the Face on Fire

They’re loud, they’re weird and they surely rock out.