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Of all people, I was tagged by kt_sanctuary for this "7 random things about me." Pshaw. Anyway, as a man who doesn’t fail to please that ones he wants to please, I will cave in and do it. :D

7 Random Things About Moi

1. If I really, reallly like movie, (if it has an awesome script, greeeeeeat acting and *maybe* memorable songs) I will so memorize the script and re-enact every possible scene AND keep watching and watching and watching and watching it AND I will never, ever, ever, get tired of it. Examples of these movies are Snatch, School of Rock, ANYTHING WITH WILL FERREL IN IT, Matchstick Men, 10 Things I Hate About You, Back to the Future, etc, etc, etc. As far as animated movies go, the Disney movies of my generation is the BEST (Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Mulan etc). No 3D-animated claptrap for me. Oh and chickflicks are <3.

2. I’m a guy who loves shoes and clothes. I’d go hungry to buy shoes and nice clothes. However, I hate clothes who blatantly brandish their logo on almost 3/4 of the shirt. ICK.

3. I.LOVE.FOOD. Except bitter gourd. eww.

4. Music is my life. However, I’m the most biased guy when it comes to music. A girl once told me that "you’re not a true musician if you’re not open to ALL kinds of music." I retort with "you’re a TRUE musician if you know what you like and what to listen to and you definitely know what kind of music abhors you."

5. I hate talking to stupid people. I’m sorry. I know it sounds super-hyper-mega condescending but have you ever tried to converse with a grown person with the vocabulary of a coffee table? (Well, maybe a coffee table has MORE conversing power because it gets to "read" the coffee table books that sit on top of it….)

6. There are only 3 things in life that matter: Writing, Video Games and Love (under it are music, family, friends, and well LOVE etc).

7. Take note… here we go… I’m the WORLD’S BIGGEST SUGARBALL. Why? Because I am.

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