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Meet the Feathers!

Again, another Coheed & Cambria rave/rant. With their rise to superstardom, it is obvious that they now have the means and FUNDS to fuel the flames of their fanbase. With their release of their first video from their new album, Good Apollo, I’m Burning Star IV - Volume 2: No World for Tomorrow, people are now wondering when their next video is coming out. For me, the best bet would be the song Feathers - it’s within the "radio duration" (3-5 minutes), it’s got no swear words, it’s catchy, AND it’s got a freakin’ nice guitar solo… possibly the best solo in their whole arsenal.

And then… they drop something like THIS.


feathers header

oh but it gets better…

much much better…



If you visit the site, there’s a video about the family. Could this be what Co&Ca’s next video would look like? Will the video be in black and white?


The plot thickens.

5 Responses to “Meet the Feathers!”

  1. Virtual Rain Says:

    Hahaha interesting idea. “Feed your family right or there will be no world for tomorrow” haha. Smooth :D

  2. Mr. Rock Out Says:

    smoooth :D

  3. marvinm Says:

    I heard there’s a spoof movie called “meet the spartans”. You might like it…

  4. The Rock Out » I WAS RIGHT!! Says:

    […] my blogpost about "Meet The Feathers"? Well, I was RIGHT! IT IS a form of viral marketing to juice people up for the coming of their […]

  5. Says:

    yeah I heard about that. Hahahahah! thanks for the heads up marvinm!

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