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When friends make it BIG.

I would be lying if I said people don’t get envious when some of their friends make it big. Of course, there’s still that pure elation and appreciation for their success. Deep down, there’s a little monster telling you that “Hey, that should be you!”

Anyway, being in the underground, people get signed and you get to see their rise from the depths to mainstream superstardom (ugh). Anyway, I’m gonna show you a couple of bands who are also my dear friends who have made (or are making it) big.


Typecast - Boston Drama

Here’s Typecast, the most rockingest emo-punk-screamo band in the Philippines. I’ve known them since 2003 and I think that of all the bands from the underground, they’re the ones who deserve all the fame and fortune and (MORE FAME) that came their way. They worked hard for it and now, they have 3 albums under their belt and it seems there’s no stopping them. Hurray!


Concrete Sam - Heto Na

This one here’s Concrete Sam. The latest inductee into the mainstream from the Underground. It’s safe to say that they’re the New Found Glory of the Philippines. Many Pinoy bands have tried and failed miserably to try to even sound like a decent pop-punk band here. I guess they perfected the formula. Also, if you watch closely, 8 from Queso and Led and Jay from Kamikazee are in the video. Yay!

Congrats to Concrete Sam for their first video!

2 Responses to “When friends make it BIG.”

  1. Says:

    I haven’t heard of them O_O

    And here I am thinking that I know more than other people do when it comes to local music. Boo hoo.

    It’s nice when your friends make it big. You get to share in the glory even though it’s not really you.

  2. Mr. Rock Out Says:

    haha yeah. it’s called spillover glory. haha. cool by as-sociation. :D
    well, dont be surprised if you’re not attuned to the underground scene. :D

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