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Marvel Tribute!

I must admit, as far as the Marvel vs. DC war, I’m pretty much sold on Marvel. Why? First, their heroes are more “believable”, they’re more grounded and pound-for-pound, they’re a lot more original. DC heroes are all alien and super powerful and ALIEN. argh. I’m human! I want human (or mutant) heroes! Anyway, I stumbled upon this site which is basically a tribute to the great works of Stan Lee and the whole of Marvel Comics. Recreating their glory in canvas, toys or whatever medium they please.

If you clicked the link, don’t worry, it takes a WHILE for the page to load. Anyway, here are some of my faves from the site:

Hulk homemade plush toy

Your grandpa ain’t got nuthin’ on MY granpa




and now, for the coup d’grace



6 Responses to “Marvel Tribute!”

  1. KT Sanctuary Says:

    I so love the Hulk plushie. Looks like something from Pretty Ugly too! :P

  2. Mr. Rock Out Says:

    hahah yeah! it IS ugly AND cute at the same time!

  3. Says:

    Who’s the last one?! XD

  4. Says:

    I want that Hulk plushie!!! *_*

  5. Mr. Rock Out Says:

    amethyst: THAT’S stan “the man” lee. gasp. you don’t know him?!

  6. Mr. Rock Out Says:

    hahaha me too!!! i want little hulkieeeeee

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