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I wave the white flag…

enlighten me.


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4 Responses to “I wave the white flag…”

  1. Cookie Says:

    He loves his sewing machine. :)

  2. Happyblog » Blog Archive » How bout a little game? Says:

    […] found this really random picture on The Rock Out, in his post called “I wave the white flag…“, and I have a little challenge for you. First, here is the picture he […]

  3. Mr. Rock Out Says:

    yes. yes he does. hahaha. I mean, why do I have a feeling that this picture was photoshopped?

  4. Zakura Says:

    The mail man went to! Yes..umm, to pick up a packet but accidentally got confused and took the sewing machine. Then the groom found out in utter terror so he ran after the mail man’s truck.((He needed to stitch the flower girls dress, XD)) He threw himself in front of the truck to stop it. The mail man screamed and tried to avoid the groom. Making him and his truck land into the river…umm..backwards? the mail man got out and called the police angry as heck. The groom however was very happy and got into the back of the truck..taking out the sewing machine.His friend ((who happened to have a camera for the weeding.)) decided to take a photo of the grooms sweet victory in obtaining the sewing machine.
    Yes..haha! It just so happens there was a flood happening too! TADA! :]

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