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Proof is all we neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed!!

Ok, I may have been quick to pull the trigger by saying that there is a possibility that a higher being doesnt exist just by looking at one photo.

Key word: MAY.

Let me rephrase: Ok, I believe that there is Higher Being somewhere out there but by affirming that, I also affirm the existence of His nemesis - The Devil.

So anyway, I stumbled upon this site and man oh man…. the Devil sure funkafied a whole lot of animals while God was resting (on the 7th day).

This is probably the most RETARDED animal I’ve ever seen. Yes, more retarded than the elusively cute Ali (elusively cute doesn’t make sense).

The Aye-Aye is like the illicit love child a donkey and a hangover.




Just looking at it makes me itchy.


Oh hell no.

Moving on, we have the sea spider which creeps me the heck out. I’m arachnophobic and just imagining this crawling on my leg while sleeping makes me want to sit in a corner and… cry.

Like a man.

Not to mention this atrocity looks like a face-hugger.

These aren’t the worst though, what’s coming up next is probably the most bum-inducing animal EVER.

Jabba the Hutt at 3 years old.

Well, that’s actually a blobfish and lives under most overused lazy-boys.

In all honesty, it looks like a a giant booger.


3 Responses to “Proof is all we neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed!!”

  1. Says:

    Are those even real?

  2. Says:

    Lolx! I want a real face hugger and a baby Jabba the Hutt! Pets~

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