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Sorry for the delay on this installment. *sweatdrop*  With the problems going onto the Sanriotown website and me having a back pain that started a few days ago (owwww), along with me going to work for a few more days, I wasn’t able to get the next installment up until today.  No hard feelings, right?

But anyway,  like they say:  “On with the show!”

Previously on this blog, I was able to explain much of the stuff that had happened on the Happy Hearts Reunion up until the 17th, including the series of quests.  And I was about to say farewell to the event that night, until I found out the following:


  And to make it even more interesting, they’ve added another charitable event.  And what were we supposed to do this time?  Make T-shirts and bags for an orphanage.  And, like the Food for Friends event in the regular Open Beta event, this event awarded the winners with interviews in the game’s official website.

To my surprise, the members of Sailoria actually wanted me to be one of their reps.  I was sooo honored!  XD  But, sadly, I had to turn them done ’cause at the time I thought that I wasn’t gonna be on for the Reunion’s last few days, which would’ve definitely hurt the guild’s chances.  But thankfully, a nice group of reps was chosen:  Sailoria (the guild’s leader), KaseyZoey (KZ), deadrose, Tree, and shesroyaltee.


However, as it turned out, whatever plans I had at the time were cancelled ,and I was able to stay on for the last few days after all.  Although I was still a little down about not being a rep, I still did my very best to help out the guild.  And besides, there’s always the next guild event, right? ^_^

Later, the Sailoria guild decided to form an alliance with some of the smaller guilds like Twilight, the Twin Starrs, and the Vampire Kittens.  I thought about having the Pirate Guild to join us, but that guild declined the offer ’cause they didn’t want the competition to ruin their gaming experience.  I didn’t want to have them do something they didn’t want to do, so I just wished them the best of luck.

[I normally don’t like competition either.  But that doesn’t mean that I’m not still loyal to my guildies.]

I later found out that in order for the alliance to remain active for the event, all of its guilds had to forfeit their chances at winning the prize.  At first, I was kinda sad :_(, but I guess I understood why they did it.  After all, the only true winners of this event are the kids getting all of those T-shirts and bags.

During the event, I did several chores for the guild, mainly gathering sorosis and cotton and digging for clay and stone fragments.  I really had a problem getting the sorosis and cotton ’cause I had to deal with the infamous “Ghost Users” inhabiting the trees.


(Pardon my language.  I was just really ticked off at this problem.  And I’m pretty sure that I wasn’t the only one.  Hopefully, this will be fixed.)

To make matters worse, the cotton trees usually didn’t de-evolve when I was done with them, so I didn’t know when they were ready for picking again.

But at least the sea rock and clay digging ran more smoothly. ^_^


While the event was going on, I noticed that the “process meters” for many of the different skills had changed.


However, I wasn’t able to see all of the skills’/process’ different meters or even if the “House Building” process meter changed as well.  Oh well.

To help pass the time (and to avoid dealing with the ear-piercing necklace sound effects  -.-), I turned off the sound and music of the game and played music from my iTunes collection, which mainly included JPOP/JROCK music and music from anime and movies as well as regular Pop/Rock/etc. music.  I even listened to the tracks for the “Hello Kitty:  Hello World” soundtrack (since it kinda fit the mood for the game hehe).


On the next to last day of the Reunion, serenitycat told me about a party that ripplecloud was having for the bloggers that were listed on her blog.  Despite having to do some work for the charity thing, I was able to squeeze in a visit to where Cupid was.  There I met my friends ripplecloud (obviously), serenitycat, tigerlyly, and Bi “face-to-face”.  serenitycat found out that that ripplecloud’s blog (now updated) actually listed Serenity (who was also present), but ripplecloud decided to let her in anyway since she started working on her blog too.  (I’m glad. ^_^)

While there, we took several photos of different poses.


Sorry that the names of the featured bloggers aren’t on these pictures.  Please check ripplecloud’s blog post for more info.  Also, please excuse the yellow area on the lower right of the picture.  With all of the bugs on Sanriotown happening lately, I decided to make a little collection of pictures this time.  Hope you don’t mind.  hehe

Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend ripple’s final appearance at Hello Kitty’s house in London.  But I’m not upset ’cause I still got to appear at her party anyway. ^_^

Whenever the final moments arrived, I acted as a pack mule for the guild, delivering clay, sorosis, and other stuff to the guild’s reps.  To help pump myself up, I was playing the “Kingdom Hearts 2″  track “Vim and Vigor” over and over again on my iTunes while I was racing against time.

After I made the final deliveries, I joined my guildies and almost everyone else at a nice get together by the Farm guy  at London.


Then the Sailoria guild decided to meet inside Buckingham Palace for a nice photo op.


I definitely noticed us getting some more male members lately.  Guess the game’s success is spreading further than I thought.  hehe ^_^

Then the final meeting place of the game was at Paris.  So everyone was rushing to the City of Lights/Love/Romance one last time…


…to say “Goodbye.” (for real) to the game once again till the next beta.


However, the map was soooo crowded, just about everyone there suffered from really bad lags. T_T  Nevertheless, the goodbyes continued on, until…


[Notice the new “Disconnected from server.” window?]

Oh and by the way, everyone in the game created 61 shirts and 28 bags, which translated to 183 shirts and 84 bags in real life.  I’m sure those orphans will be really happy. X3  Good job, everyone!  XD

Well despite several kinks and glitches here and there, especially whenever the newbies came in (for the stress test), I think that the Happy Hearts event was still a success.  Hopefully, all of those kinks and everything will be fixed for the next beta.  And hopefully, there will be more stuff to actually do and buy later on, know what I mean?

And what the HKA (Hello Kitty Alliance) (with Sailoria and the other guilds in it) did during the charity thing should’ve taught us a lesson that can be described from a scene from one of my fave childhood cartoons:  “Muppet Babies”.


So I guess that’s it for now.  I hope that everybody enjoyed themselves in this event and are enjoying some well deserved time off (from the game that is).  Hope to see everyone again in the game’s next beta (whenever that will be *sweatdrop*)

So till then, catch ya’ll later!  ;)


[The “The End…For Now” message was created at GlitterMaker.com.]

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