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Hey guys.  Sorry for the LONG delay in posts.  I was playing the “HKO’s” Happy Hearts (Valentine’s Day) Event till it ended and then needed some time to recover and be allowed free time to post.  No hard feelings, right?

Well since lots of stuff happened (not to mentioned many screenshots taken by me to choose from), I figured that instead of making one REALLY long post, I probably should make 2 or 3 (if not more *sweatdrop*) smaller posts.  So here it goes.

So anyway,  on the first night of the event, I was able to log on and noticed the first change in the game:  A “Terms and Conditions” window that you must agree to in order to play the game (for obvious reasons of course).


Unfortunately,  I also discovered another thing:  my mask is still a stinkin’ beard.


I later found out that this was also happening to all of the other male player characters, including my friends Bry of Sailoria and Captain.Harlock of the Pirate Guild.  Hopefully, this problem will be fixed by the next beta.  Although many of us might wanna still be able to buy the beard in the Item Mall.  Speaking of which…


Yep, I’m afraid that the Item Mall was closed during this event.  T_T  I later found out that the items you get become “?” marks. Here are some that I stored in my inventory.


Another problem everyone had dealt with time and time again are the infamous “rollbacks” that took away lots of the stuff that we have worked so hard to get.  T_T I even logged out of the clay fields with clay only to log back into the copper fields WITHOUT the clay. T_T


Well anyway, I logged back the game, I was back in New York and found out that my farm is now empty with some rocky areas.


Apparently, you’d now have to pay deeds of different levels in order to plant more plants (also of different levels).  However, I was still afraid of the new rules that I didn’t bother getting an upgrade or do some farming of my own.  So instead, I just helped out some of my guildies’ farms (which is one good thing about these new rules ^_^).

Here I am at Sailoria’s farm.


And here I am at sofia’s helping her out.


And here’s deadrose’s farm.


Along the way, I’ve learned a few tricks about the farm.  Like fertilizing the areas that you are about to plant before you plant them.  And also to water them once every “day” or they won’t grow.  Speaking of farm “days”, here’s what you’ll be seeing when the next “day” comes:


A “New Day” logo?!  Can be pretty scary for all of us trapped in our farms.  hehe

On a brighter note (no pun intended), we finally discovered one really awesome addition to the game:   PETS!!!  X3


Yep, apparently, most of the monsters can now drop pet cards and you can now have your special friend.  I decided to “adopt” a fox ’cause it’s so cute!  (Not to mention it reminds me of Eevee of “Pokemon”.  See this previous post for more.)


In fact, I actually decided to name my fox “Eevee”.  And after a bit of thinking, I decided I make her (my fox) a girl since you can also call her “Eve” for short.  (I don’t think she would mind.  *giggles*)

I even saw a girl with a fierce spooky tree named “Oddish” (also a Pokemon).  And Captain.Harlock even considers capturing pet cards like catching Pokemon”.  (Gotta catch ‘em all!)

Oh yeah, we also got another thing added to the game:  SOUND!!!  That is, almost everything now has it’s own sound effect.  Although some are can be pretty annoying.  The necklace’s sound effect hurts my ears.  Ooooooh!

But anyway, sorry for the holdup,  back to the story.  Although the new quests began in London starting with CHOCOLAT:


Most of the quests did in fact begin in Paris.  Most of which headed by Melody’s dear grandma:


With a special appearance by the b