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This blog is about anything cute

How to draw an octopus using illustrator

I’m studying on how to draw and use the effects from scratch using Illustrator. I found something really easy to follow. This is the tutorial where I tried to design it.

Octopus vector

American Girl

American GirlAs I was surfing for something cute, I stumble upon this cute site. It’s all for teenage girls. I think that the website is appropriate for girls ranging from 10-14. The site is in English so there won’t be a problem checking it out. What’s interesting about this is that you can check out the latest trends, play games, quizzes and more that you see in magazines. Check out American Girl website.

American Girl

American Girl

Let the patch work speak for itself.

I found this cute patch work online shop. And I absolutely adore them. They are very cute and creative. It reminds me of Rageddy Anne. Enough talk and let me show the pictures of Maki’s creations. I assure you that you want to buy one.

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