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This blog is about anything cute

Samsung Korean web site

I found another cute site that gives you cute wallpapers, emoticons, blog skins and lots more. The language is Korean but I have capture the download page so you would know what it is. Here’s the site to visit: Samsung Korean site

This is the main download page.

Free MSN emoticons.

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I found this cute site, it’s called NaSubichan (茄子醬). Nasubichan is a cute dog. I saw a lot of cute items like avatars, emoticons and illustrations. You can check it for yourself. The site is in Chinese, so it maybe take a while to find the link you want to visit.

The website: http://blog.yam.com/pupanda

 I can help you out. If you want to check out the MSN items, just look at the right side panel and click this link: 茄子醬MSN系列(3), and just pick one of the 3 MSN categories. 

Some emoticons of Nasubichan:

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What is it about emoticons that everyone uses these days. Either they use it for AIM or MSN or even for blogs. I use it when I want to emphasize a point. Either I’m cheerful or sad or I want to punch your lights out. Anyway, we use emoticons to show our emotions thru the net. Check these out:

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